Friday, December 31, 2010

Special Coupons New Years 2011 and week of Jan 1 to 8

This is an early coupon post. I didn't want anyone to miss out on some of the New Year specials I've received! I will update this post with anything else I get for this week!


Click here for your AC Moore coupons! The weekly coupon is 50% off. There is also a coupon for an extra 25% off certain cpapercrafting clearance items!


Archivers hasa 30% off coupons good until January 2nd.

The HL ad usually comes out on Sunday!


10% off your total purchase coupon good till January 2nd online and in store.


There are a number of coupons available including a special one valid New Years Day ONLY (take an extra 25% off your whole order including sale but NOT clearance items.Usual restrictions also apply) as well as a 40% off coupon valid from January 2-8. There is also an additional 25% off wall art etc and a 60% off framing.

I think that's it right now!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Coupon Post

Well here I am stuck in the mountains so I won't be going to shop anytime soon! But for those of you who are not snowbound, here are the coupons that I've gotten so far!

Click here for your AC Moore coupons! The weekly coupon is 40% off.


Archivers has come out with new 30% off coupons good until January 2nd.

Here is the main link that will get you to the weekly ad, 30% off coupon Wilton cake products this week sounds pretty lame to a scrapbooker.  However thre are a ton of scrapbook items at 50% off in their scrapbook section, so check out their ad!
The real deal at JoAnn's right now might just be online! 40% off everything scrapbooking and things like the Big Shot at $59.99.
Michael's has a 50% off coupon good until the 1st and loads of holiday items on 70% clearance!  Enjoy!

I think that's it right now!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Decorated Tim Holtz Composition Box

I first saw this box at summer CHA in Chicago and thought, I've got to try this!  Well this is how my version of the box came out!  There is a video on my YouTube channel, but I think you get to see more on the pictures!  I hope that you like it!

Here is a partial list of the products I used.

- Tim Holtz Configuration Box
- Anita's All Purpose Metallic Craft Paint (11409 Classic Gold) This was my base coat.
- Glimmer Mist - Scarlet
- Glimmer Mist - Olive Vine
- Glimmer Mist - Sugal Maple
- Delta Creative Decorative Snow
- Various trinkets from Michael's and JoAnn's
- Ginger Bread Houses from Jollees

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Coupons for the Week of Dec 20th to 24th, 2010

Only a few days left until Christmas!  I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday! I have one more video post to share with you so check back tonight or tomorrow morning! Hugs!

Click here for your AC Moore coupons! The weekly coupon is 40% off.
If you haven't used this coupon yet, do so by the 21st.

Here is the main link that will get you to the weekly ad, 40% off coupon and everything HL you need! BTW, the Cinch tool and accessories and Cricut catridges and accessories are on sale this week at 30% off.

There are a number of 40% off coupons and one 50% off coupon. Check them out here!
Michael's coupon this week is 20% off everything (well you know with their usual exceptions) and is good from the 20th till the 24th!
Be careful out there!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Challenges

Have you ever wondered why it is that we have turned Christmas (the Holiday Season) into the world's most stressful time of year? I wonder sometimes what the ratio is between the fun days and the stressed out days, especially for the ones in the family that plan the trips, make the purchases, do the wrapping, plan the menus and get the house ready!

It's been a few years since I've put up a tree, mainly because there is no one really to see it or to care and it seems like a whole lot of work for not much reason.  I do a minimal amount of decoration, hang the stockings and that is that! I actually love figuring what to get people, and for the most part, although my brother-in-law and I are the ones that push the hardest for wish lists, I'm usually the one that doesn't buy from theirs!  Call me the Christmas rebel, LOL!

So do tell, how special is Christmas or are the Holidays for you! How much do you decorate? How many people will surround you during the holidays! What is your biggest wish for the holidays? And no, you can't say world peace; we all want world peace!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas/December Giveaways Drawing

Congratulations to the winner of my 100 blog subscribers prize, Janie in Florida!  If you're wondering why I'm so surprised it's because we are great friends and It is just a total shock that she would come out the winner out of the 100+comments that were in the box! I mispoke in the video.  Like everyone else, Janie has one week to contact me about her win, after which it will be pooled into my next big giveaway!

As for the Grand Prize winner, she is mammascrapper69.  Mamascrapper69 also has one week to contact me. Please also let me know which prize you want, the Cricut cartridges package or the Paper package. I'll also need your snail mail address.

Congratulations to both winners and as for the rest of you... the fun isn't quite over yet! Lets just see what happens over the next couple of days!

Christmas Giveaway is Now Closed!

Thanks to everyone who participated! I'll be taping the drawing in the next few minutes and uploading it first to my YouTube channel and then here! iM so excited to see who wins!!!

Christmas Card and Last Call for the Christmas Giveaway!

I made this card for the aunt of a friend of mine who loves cardinals. I used Distress Inks and a glossy cardinal sticker as well as the Winter Doves stapm from Stacey Stamps. I cleaned off the ink from the doves before actually stamping the image!

Also just a reminder that I'll be drawing the winner for my giveaway today (Dec 15th) at 9pm eastern!  I hope to get the goodies out before the weekend.  I'd say tomorrow, but as luck would have it we are expecting another storm, so it might be a couple of days before I can get to the post office! Good luck to one and all.  Remember, it was not enough to subscribe/follow my blog/YT channel, you also had to comment!

Good luck to one and all!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Coupons for the Week of December 13 to 20, 2010

Click here for your AC Moore coupons! The weekly coupon is 50% off again!

If you haven't used this coupon yet, do so by the 15th. It has been up for a couple of weeks now.

Here is the main link that will get you to the weekly ad, 40% off coupon and everything HL you need! BTW, the Cinch tool and accessories and Cricut catridges and accessories are on sale this week at 30% off.

I didn't receive any new coupons via email.

Michael's coupons, and there are quite a few are right here. There is a 50% off one regular item that expires tomorrow (Monday the 13th).!

Be careful out there!

Additional Christmas Giveaway to Celebrate my 100th Blog Subscriber!!

I am so blessed! So I want to share a few more goodies with you, my blog subscribers!  This second package will be open to my blog subscribers only and will be based on your comments! Because I am a funny lady, I will draw the second prize first from just my bog buddies. I will then add the YouTube commenters and the winner of the 2nd prize and draw for the first prize.  Both winners will have to contact me with their snail mail address within a week.  In addition, the winner of the first prize will have to tell me which prize package they want!.
There are only 3 days left to comment.  Bear in mind that you must be a subscriber to win, but that you get extra chances for each comment, for reposting my giveaway to your blog, facebook page, on a forum or  for tweeting about it! Oh and BTW, the tags are not included in the prize packages!

Good luck!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Craze and Giveway Update

Twas 14 days until Christmas and all through the house, every creature was stirring, yes even the mouse. The mother was tearing the hair from her head, knowing well that by Christmas her sanity would be shred! The children were acting all silly you know, looking out through the window and hoping for snow.  The father was hoisting the tree up the stairs, to be set by the window for the neighbors to share. And so they all waited for the most wondrous night, when Baby Jesus was born and the North Star shone bright!

OK, pretty lame, but I'm trying to find my Christmas spirit.  Have you seen it?

One more thing, only 4 days left to enter the December Giveaway! And for the record, you have to comment, not just subscribe! I've seen a lot of people added, especially on YouTube, but they don't always comment! Every comment you make between December 1 up until midnight on the 15th count as one entry for you! I guess I better make a video and make sure everyone knows!  Because I've reached 100 subscribers on my blog, I will be adding a second prize that only my Blog subscribers who leave a comment will be eligible for... what have you got to lose? Nothing!!! What is it? Maybe I'll tell you tomorrow after I post the coupons!

That's me with Santa and St Nick! I'm so little!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Another Christmas Mini Album

I posted this on YouTube a couple of days ago and thought I'd share it here too! I hope you enjoy it and that the recipient will fill it with Christmas pictures that they love! For those of you who don't know, you can enhance your viewing experience by changing the numbers to the left of the YouTube Logo in the viewer and you can even watch full screen by clicking on the 4 arrows to the left of the YouTube logo. Please do leave a comment if you enjoy it...and only if you enjoy it, LOL!

Monday, December 06, 2010

The Value of Friendships

Would you believe!  I just reached 100 subscribers! Thank you everyone for coming in to visit!  I hope that you will continue to stop by from time to time! To mark the event, I'm going to add a second prize to this month's giveaway!!! Stay tuned!

As I've watched the number of subscribers to my blog jump in the last few days, I've wondered how many will become real friends. Real friends are not always the people that you interact with everyday. Often, they are people that you used to live close to and that you have been separated from, as your life or theirs, required a move. There are times when you cannot keep up with them the way you would want to, for any number of reasons. I wonder if anyone else has, from time to time, withdrawn from a friend for a while, because it hurt too much to talk to them. The hurt of the move was too raw and the loneliness caused by it was chocking up all the oxygen in the air around you. I must admit that I've been there far too often over the last 12 years. I miss being able to hug the friends I've left behind, while feeling blessed to have made new friends where I live now.

Real friends also come via the Internet these days, much as they might have been far away pen pals in days gone by. I am blessed to have those kinds of friends. Some are newer, some have been close for many years. Sometimes, make that often, I wish I had the time and money to bring all these wonderful people who have befriended me, who have loved and supported me through thick and thin, together. I would put them in one big beautifully decorated room that reflected their beautiful souls and celebrate the wonderful gift they have given me, their friendship. Since I obviously can't do that, (though that will change if I win the 74 million powerball), my beloved friends will forever remain safely in the chambers of my heart. My blog is dedicated to those friends and here, on my blog, they will be hono(u)red always!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Mega December/Christmas Giveaway!

I hope that a lot of you will enter! The giveaway is open to all my M-C's Friendship Corner and YouTube subscribers, old and brand new, who comment on either my blog or my YouTube channel between December 1st and 15th! You  get one entry for each comment (only one comment per post allowed). You also get an entry for posting my giveaway to your blog/Facebook/Twitter/Forum  etc  and letting me know about it.

For those of you who can't view the video, here are a coupld of pictures!  You get the choice of either the Cricut package OR the Paper Package!  Enjoy!  I can't wait to see who enters and who wins!

Paper Package

Cricut Package

It's Coupon Time - December 5 to 11, 2010

Click here for your AC Moore coupons! If you have one near you, now is the time to head off, right now..LOL!  They have a 25% off everything including sale items good from 6-10PM TODAY (Sunday, Dec 5th). The weekly coupon is 50% off again!

Yeah, I am back on the Archiver's coupon list!  Thanks again to Charlene to for fillingin the gap! So go ahead and click here to see their latest ad and get the latest coupon. This one is good until December 7th only.  There is also one good until the 15th here.

Here is the main link that will get you to the weekly ad, 40% off coupon and everything HL you need!

Just found a coupon in my mailbox, woohoo! Here you go people, go forth and shop!!!!

Michael's coupons, and there are quite a few are right here. One is for this weekend only!

Happy shopping!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

New Christmas Mini Album

I just loved making this project! This is a Christmas gift so the nameplate is empty! What would you put in it? The family name, Christmas, Joy, something else? Your comments on every one of my December posts will count toward my December/ Christmas giveaway!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

M-C's November Blog Giveaway Drawing

Hi Everyone, you will need to watch the video to find out who won!  Aren't I the meanie!  The winner needs to contact me within the next week with their address and also which prize they want, the cricut cartridge OR the scrapbook papers and embellishments!

Tune in tomorrow to find out what I've got up my sleeve, or shouls I saw in my bag for the December/Christmas giveaway! You do know I love Christmas, right?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coupons - Sorry I'm Late!

I hope all my American friends and family members had a great Thanksgiving and that everyone had the kind of weekend that you can be thankful for!

Oh and you have till the end of today to sign up for the November giveaway!!! I'll be drawing someone's name tomorrow morning!

Sorry that I'm late with these!  It has been a very hectic few days, but I wanted to make sure you got these, even if it is a day or two late! I'll try to do better next time!

AC MOOREClick here for your AC Moore coupon! One 50% off for today (Tuesday 11/30/2010) only and a 40% off for the rest of the week!

Thanks to Charlene for the link to thead and coupons! Remember, Archiver's will take the coupon right off your smart phone! As for me, I am still not getting their coupons. Have they blacklisted me for sharing? Coupons may only be used one and are good until December 15th!
Here is the main link that will get you to the weekly ad, coupon and everything HL you need!

Sorry, I don't have a link this week!

Michael's coupons are here.

If you didn't spend all your money Black Friday or cyber Monday, then enjoy shopping some more!!!'

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving -

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday.  What could be better than getting together with your family and counting your blessings? I am so fortunate that my son, Shaun was able to join us in Northern Kentucky again this year.  There was a time when we celebrated every Thanksgiving with Hubby's family, but now that my mother-in-law lives away from a readily accessible airport, it is a lot more difficult. That is something else I am blessed with, a really nice set of in-laws.  Though I do wish that I lived within an easy comute of all my wonderful nieces and nephews! So I'd like to spend a big hug to all of them, here in the order that they came into my life, Michael, Melanie, Sebastien Stephane, Catherine, Christopher, Rachel, Lindsay, Zachary, Charlotte and Sweetpea, who is already loved and expected to make an appearance in May, know that I think of you and love you, despite

I am also truly blessed in my friends, the new, the old, the young, the cyber and the RL ones! And yes that includes you Shirley up in Ottawa, who I have sadly neglected recently! Miss you girlfriend! So to all of you that I hold dear, I hope that whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving today or not, that your life is as blessed as mine and that you cherish today for the love and the laughter that surrounds you!

To my brother and beloved sister-in-law Elisa, happy birthday!  I love you guys!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busy Bee Buzzes in - Nov 21, 2010

I'm betting that all my crafty friends are seeing Christmas looming and going oh my gosh, I am so not ready!  I've been working like a crazy woman. I made another 18 pages yesterday, finished one of my Suncatcher albums to send off to my friend Janie, and also finished a special Christmas card for the aunt of a friend of mine. In addition, for some creative fun, I started a Christmas mini for a family member. Would you believe all that in 36 hours and I blogged the coupons for the week, did some shoping and had a nice lady come over to pick up the six 12x12 scrapbook pages she ordered from me! I think this qualifies as a pretty productive day! 

Below are some of the things I can show you without spilling the beans completely! By the way I spent from 11am to 4pm at Archivers, did some shopping and then scrapped at Scrap Paper Scissors from 5 to 8pm. Met some nice ladies at SPC! Thanks ladies if you are reading this for sharing your table.  I enjoyed getting to know you a little!

The Family Christmas layout uses a lot of papers from the My Mind's Eye Lost and Found Collection. This is actually a modified version of the original layout I made in September which my customer say and wanted a Christmas version of. The flowers are all hand made my yours truly.

Family Christmas 2 page Layout

The Deck the Hall and the Tis the Season layouts also include flowers that I've made. By the way the colors seem a little off to me, but maybe when I post them they will look OK! Well now, it is getting late and I'll do my best to post the card tomorrow, or at least take a picture before I mail it off!

Coupons for the Week of November 21 to 27, 2010

So have you started Christmas shopping yet or are you making gifts this year?  Well if you have any crafting gifts to give out, perhaps this week's coupons will help some!

Click here for your AC Moore coupon!

Would you believe I'm getting the ad emails, but not the coupons?  I was over there just yesterday scrapping, I also went to Scrap, Paper, Scissors and scrapped there for 3 hours from 5 to 8pm.  SPS is a very pretty shop and I thought I'd try scrapping there too.  Anyhow, while at Archiver's, Michelle and I talked and she reenterred my email as if it were new.  Hopefully that will fix my problem.  I'm afraid that unless I get an email forwarded, I won't be able to share!

Here is the main link that will get you to the weekly ad, coupon and everything HL you need!

Thanks to Teela for passing these on so that I can share them with all of you! Here are the coupons good both online and in store, but only until the 24th!

Michael's coupon is here. The 40% off coupon is, like JoAnn's, only good till Wednesday the 24th!

Have a great shopping week!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Coupons Good till November 20th, 2010

Hi everyone!  The days are going by so fast that I'm late again!  The only big news I have for you this week is that Archiver's is now selling online!  The link is below!


Click here for this week's 50% off coupon, good till Saturday! This week's ad is here!

No new emailed coupons this week. But here is the link to the latest ad I got. Did you know that you can now shop Archivers online?  Here is the announcement I got.  Go here to shop online!

HL has a 40% off coupon this week good until Saturday. Their ad is definitely worth a look too. Amongst other things, 50% lots of scrapbook items!

OK, the cashier at JoAnn's told me that you get either the emails or the flyers.  Anyone out there get both?  I find that a little hard to believe, but then again, no matter how often I've tried, I can't get them to send me the emails!!! Wahhh!
Michael's has a 40% off one regular item coupon that is good till Saturday the 20th.
Have fun shoipping!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Better Late Than Never? November Giveaway

I know, I am late with this. I hope you will all forgive me and still participate in the drawing!  This time you will have a choice between:

A. The Cricut Seasonal Pumpkin Carving Cricut cartridge;
B. The following Studio Calico prize package.

I have changed the rules to allow people who do not have blogs, Facebook accounts or Twitter to participate. You do not have to live in the US or Canada, but it sure helps with shipping costs if you do, LOL!

Here are the rules:

A. You must be a follower of this blog.
B. You must leave a comment below telling me about a special friendship that came about as a result of being a scrapbooker/crafter.
C. People who re post and leave a link in the Mister Linky box will get an additional entry.
D. The winner must contact me within 7 days of my announcing them as the winner.
E. Any item that is not claimed within the 7 day period will be added to the December Holiday Giveaway!

Mister Linky's Magical Widgets -- Auto-Linky widget will appear right here!
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For best results, use HTML mode to edit this section of the post.

I hope many of you decide to enter this month! Have fun!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Coupon Post - Week of November 7-14, 2010

Another week has come and gone and we are getting closer and closer to Christmas!  Have you started your wish list yet?  Last year I let my family know about's universal button.  It allows a person to add items from all sort of different websites to your Amazon wish list, which in turn allows family members to know what you really want and make sure that you don't get duplicates, or clothing in the wrong size.  Here is the link:

Now for this weeks coupons:

No real good crafty deals at AC Moore and for some reason, while they had a coupon good Saturday only, they do not have any coupon for this week other than on framing. Their weekly ad can be seen here.

No new emailed coupons this week.

HL has a 40% off coupon this week. Their ad is definitely worth a look too. Amongst other things, 40% off punches, page kits and packaged cards, and envelopes!

Apparently I'm not the only person that can't get JoAnn's to add them to their email list! I'm still waiting for those to show back up! If you read this and are getting the JoAnn's coupons, please will you send me the link when you get them?

Michael's is definitely the coupon king this week!  They have a 50% off one regular priced item good Sunday to Wednesday (Nov 7 through 10, a 20% off your entire purchase good Thursday and Friday (Nov 11 &12), a 40% of one regular priced item good Thursday and Friday (Nov 11 &12) and an Extra 25% off all week on wall & tabletop frames, framed art and display cases!

Have a great shopping week and let me know if you get some real savings! Teela, thanks for letting me know that you were able to save money this week! It is the comments that makes it worthwhile for me to spend the time to make this post every week!

What a Wonderful Crop!

Tina Rouse has done it again!  Dedicated to raising funds to help find a cure for Alzheimer's, Tina and her family and friends put together another great crop!  The crop, held yesterday at Ryle High School in Union Kentucky, was another huge success. 150 people prepaid to attend the crop! So, since Alzheimer's has also touched my family directly, I'd like to thank Tina and her helpers not just for myself, but on behalf on my brother Richard and his wife Elisa, whose mother Cécile Pescadore was one of the victims of this memory stealing disease.
150+ scrapbookers, that is a lot of paper in one room!

It was my privilege to be one of the sellers at the crop.  Thank goodness for my friend Celine!  She helped me set up and take care of the booth. Celine also created some lovely layouts for us to share with the many ladies who attended the crop. Here is Celine, with her coat on, ready to go home! It was pretty cold yesterday, but not that cold, LOL!  Celine a recent arrival from France, is still getting used to our weather!
Thank you Céline for your friendship and hard work!

Here is a view of our booth. I think we did an awesome job making it look presentable. 
We were worked hard to make it look presentable!
And yes for once, I have a picture of me to share!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth!
Thank you to my fellow sellers, you are all such a wonderful group of people and a special thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth!  Nina, thank you so much for all your help taking the whole booth down and helping me load everything back into the car! You made the end of the evening a special time! I truly had a wonderful day!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Cards I Made

I made all these cards, plus 3 2-page layouts and an ATC during my stay at the retreat! I made about 20 more since then.

Hope you like them!

Shabby Chic Mini Album

Wow, another post???? I've been working on these for a while now, and am learning how to share, LOL!This video is unedited, so I hope that you will enjoy it!

Hopefully the person who will get this one for Christmas, will not figure out that it is for her!

Scrapbook Retreat at Lake Cumberland

We had a truly magnificent time at the retreat in Lake Cumberland.  Kim was a thoughtful and kind hostess who made sure that everything was just right for us!

Please forgive the quality of the video, I am still a newbie at taking them and editing them!  I hope to do better in the future, but for now, this is it! If you are interested in joining me and my buddies for a retreat in May or June, please do not hesitate to contact me! Right now I'm thinking of the last weekend in May for our next retreat! I'm sure we'll have a blast!

Click here to go directly to my friend Kim's website.

Monday, November 01, 2010

And the winner is...

Which would make our winner for this month Teela!  Teela, you have one week from today to get in touch with me and email me your address and your choice, will it be the cartridge or the $25 in scrapbook products?  Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Have a great evening/day and please stay tuned for my next giveaway!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Coupon for the Week of 1 to 7 November 2010


AC Moore has a 40% off bonus coupon here, good all this week! You will also see they have a 50% coupon good next Saturday! Their complete ad is here.

No new emailed coupons this week.  However Archiver's has sent out a new flyer with coupons via snail mail!
HL has a 40% off coupon this week. Their ad is definitely woth a look too.  Amongst other things, 30% off all Tim Holt's products and deals on cricut machines and cartridges!

I'm still waiting for those to show back up, :( Seems like I may never get those again, LOL!

You can find Michael's new ad here and two coupons here. One for 40% of any one regular priced item and a 20% off coupon on all Martha Stewart items. Both are good until October 23rd.

Have a great shopping week and let me know if you get some real savings!

I should be posting a couple of more times in the next few hours, including the announcement of the winner of the October giveaway and a review of last week's retreat! More soon!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Coupons for the week of October 25-30

I'm sorry I'm late with the coupons this week!  I was gone on a wonderful scrapbook retreat all weekend and yesterday i had another dental appointment, hopefully the last until April! So here you go:

Click here for this week's coupons!

Go here for their new ad and a 30% off coupon good until October 31st!

Here is this week's ad and the link to the 40% off one regular priced item coupon!



Monday, October 18, 2010

Coupons for the Week of October 18-23rd, 2010

AC Moore has a 50% off bonus coupon here, good all this week!

Archivers came out with a new ad and a new 30% off coupon good until the 19th only.
I guess we have to get used to HL not giving us weekly 40% off coupons anymore.  This week we have a 30% off stained glass, really? What it really means is that we have to take a closer look at their weekly ad since it usually does contain some good bargains, including on scrapbook paper and ink sets this week!
I'm still waiting for those to show back up, :( Seems like I may never get those again, LOL!

You can find Michael's new ad here and two coupons here.  One for 40% of any one regular priced item and  a 20% off coupon on all Martha Stewart items.  Both are good until October 23rd.

Have a great shopping week and let me know if you get some real savings!

Also remember there are only a very few days left until my next giveaway!!!! Have you registered for your chance at winning a Cricut Cart or $25 worth of scrapbook supplies???

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving and COUPON Time!

Hello everyone!  Hope you had a great week and are looking forward to all the beautiful fall weather! Though in my neck of the woods we are expecting a record high of 89 today! I'd also like to wish my Canadian family members and friends a very Happy Thanksgiving! You know with the colder weather up in Canada, they celebrate the blessings of a good harvest earlier than is done in the US.


AC Moore has a 50% off bonus coupon here, good Monday (it was good Sunday but I missed it). If you scroll down that same link, you'll also find a 40% off coupon!

Archivers came out with a new ad and new coupons, 40% off any item and the buy some cardstock, get some cardstock free. The are good until Wednesday the 13th.

In addition to a 40% off coupon, HL also has 40% off all Paper Studio Scrapbooking supplies and Stampabilities! Check out the entire in store weekly ad for more info!

I'm still waiting for those to show back up, :(

Like AC Moore, Michael's has a 50% off coupon that is still good Monday. Under the same link you will find a 40% off anything coupon good through Saturday and a bonus 40% off coupon on Artist paints, pencils, pastels and markers!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

A Twist a Turn and the Long Awaited October Blog Candy!

First, I'm sorry that I'm a day late with posting the giveaway!  I admit it, I've had my mind on things in the real world of my life and not on updating the blog!  I do make sure that I get something posted on Sundays, no matter what though! It's been a bit of a difficult week, with a root canal on Monday!  Because of the damage that had been done by a previous dentist not removing all the decay, my primary care physician and dentist both felt I had to be on antibiotics for the root canal, cleaning and restoration!  Four tablets one hour before the appointment!  Seriously, it made me fuzzy and nauseous for at least three days! Sucked, LOL!

So this week, I'm helping out at the local YMCA, they are having their art week and I'm going to be doing a make and take in the lobby!  Because my project has to be doable by 4 to 99 year olds, I've chosen to do a small card. Both are meant to be notes to or from a little girl or boy, so there are two versions, one with butterflies and flowers and one with trucks and trains! They will get to use two stamps and play with glue and I so hope that we are going to have fun! BTW the flowers above are so pretty and are the inspiration for a new project I've got in mind!  I plan on using my YouTube channel a lot more in the future!

Well that's it for the mundane!  Now for the stuff that really interests you, LOL!

The new giveaway is the Cricut October 31st Seasonal Cartridge!!!


Yes you get another chance at this, since the paper is so beautiful and appropriate for this time of year!$25 worth of Scrapbook Supplies including but not limited to -
2 sheets each of the following Best Creations paper released at CHA Summer 2010:

Now the important stuff, how to enter! You must be or become a follower of this blog, and post a link to this giveaway on your blog, tweet or on facebook. You must enter your link in the Mister Linky and post a comment telling us where you've posted and confirming that you are a follower. Here is the Mister Linky box.

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The winner will be announced on this blog on October 31st!  Good luck and please spread the word! Remember, you must come back to find out if you've won and to claim your prize.  Unclaimed prizes will be added to my Holiday Giveaway!

Coupons - Week of October 3 to 10, 2010

Here are the coupons for this week that have hit my inbox!

IF you live near an AC Moore, start thinking now about what you want that is expensive and go and use that 50% off coupon they are offering you! You might also want to take a quick look at their ad for this week.  Some very interesting stuff on there!

New 30% off one item coupon good until October 6th.  Here is a glimpse at their latest ad!

Hobby Lobby disappoints again with a 25% off one item coupon this week.  BUT... and it is a big but for us paper crafters, their are a lot of good things at 50% off in the scrapbook department!  Have a look at thier in store ad!

So how about a nice coupon and an ad to look at?  Enjoy!

Friday, October 01, 2010

And The Winner is...

The winner of the Sept giveaway is...drumroll please...
True Random Number Generator
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And who is number 6, you ask? congratulations, Tabitha!! You have one week to email me, with your address and which you want, the cartridge or the supplies! After one week, the cartridge will be added to the Xmas giveaway as unfortunately was last months!

What am I giving away next month? I'll be posting that tomorrow!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Coupon Post

Hi everyone!  First I'd like to thank Teela for her kind comments on last week's coupon post!  It is nice to know that this post is of use to someone, LOL!

I decided not to wait and post on Sunday as I usually do, especially since there are things of interest that come out these days and are only good during the weekend! That is especially true for those of you who have an Archiver's near you and for those who want to use the new Michael's coupons this weekend! I'll update as I receive new coupons and am near enough to my computer to do so!  Have a great week!



We have a 40% off coupon this week and of course it is always a good idea to check out the weekly ad! For example, a lot of their jewelry is 50% off this week.  Great time to pick up some bling for your mini books or layouts or to make jewelry of course! For the seamstress out there, McCall patterns are $0.99 this week!  Awesome deal!!!

If you get these, please email me with a link to the ad and coupons.  I went back to them last week to re-register for their emailed coupon, but it could be another couple of weeks before they make it to my inbox!

Here is what came in from Michaels!  Ad and coupons! Don't forget to print the coupons right away as there is a limit imposed by Michael's as to how many will print!

UPDATE: 20% off your entire order.  This coupon is ONLY good from Thursday, September 30th till Saturday, October 2nd!