Saturday, July 30, 2011

Giveaway... Giveaway... Giveaway

Hello Friends,

Well I have been talking about it and it is definitely time for both a blog (200+ subscribers) and a YouTube giveaway (330+ subscribers)!


I'll be giving away the following:

You Tube Winner - "For the Record" Collection Pack.

You Tube and Blog (each winner gets one) -  Paper Crafting Kit

the winner can choose to get the following instead:

Blog Winner - April Showers Seasonal Cricut Cartridge

You Tube winner -  Winter Frolic Cricut Cartridge  


You must subscribe to my YouTube channel  and leave a comment on YT to win the YT prize.

You must be a blog follower and leave your comment here on my blog to win the blog prize.

Your comments both here and on YT must include which prize you want to win, the cartridge or the papercrafting kit.

If you follow me here and on YT, you can win twice providing you post the correct info on each!

If I reach 400 subscribers on YouTube, I'll add a YouTube prize and winner!

If I reach 300 followers here on my blog, I'll add a Blog prize and winner!

You can win additional entries by reposting the video or linking this blog post to your blog. I must be able to check your link so if you repost on Facebook, I'll need to be your friend!

While I am on my trip to Montreal and Quebec city, I will try to both blog and post video's of the scrapbook stores I visit and the beautiful sights I visit. Those posts/videos will likely include more ways to win entries into the giveaway.  Should I be unable to post a video on a day that I have posted an entry on my blog, my YouTube subscribers will be given credit if they post answers under my giveaway video for questions I have asked on my blog.
When is the drawing? I think it will have to wait until a couple of days after I get home.  When is that?  I guess you'll have to follow my travels to find out, as even I am not sure when that will be! ;-)

Todays blog comments must include the word blue!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Coupons Week of July 25-30 2011

CHA came and went and as you can see in the previous posts, I had a great time!  I had fun making lots of video's and took a ton of pictures!  One more thing, make sure you really read this post, LOL!  I'm being sneaky!

Click here for the AC Moore 40% off coupon and here for this week's ad!

It's that time when Archivers doesn't send emails via coupons and instead sends out snail mail pamphlets that include two sets of coupons.  So if you aren't on their mailing list, this would be an excellent time to join it! To shop online, visit

Here is the latest email.

All I have to share this week is a free shipping code  that is good until Wednesday. The code is NFLDEAL. I also got this email that does have some coupons attached to them.

Click here to see this week's email. The 40% off coupon if off unfinished craft wood.  Of note, single sheet paper is 50% off.

Go to their interactive weekly ad and see what they have in store for you this week! Here is a copy of the weekly email I got.


Here is the latest email (Jul 22) from Lion Brand.

Here is the latest email from Mary Maxim. (Jul 21)

Thanks and have a great week! Oh and let's see who is reading, LOL! If you leave a comment on this post by Saturday July 30th, that says you either agree or not with my picking the winner on August 17th, you will get one extra entry into said giveaway, LOL!  Sneaky, isn't it! There will be plenty more hidden and not hidden ways to get more entries!


For the record, by posting the coupons here, I am not endorsing any of the stores, just including them for your convenience and mine! Nor do I purport to have listed everything or not made a mistake.