Saturday, July 05, 2008

The June Winner is...

Well the 4th has come and gone and there seemed to be a lot fewer fireworks in our area. Fortunately, the good Lord is doing His thing right now and there is a whole lot of booming going on outside. Tampa is well known for its thunderstorms and lightening strikes. Hopefully the power won't go out and I can finish this post!

It's been a shall I way interesting weekend around here. My DH decided that we needed to clean the garage out and move things around in the storage units. I must say that my sweetie worked his derriere off and that I did a very little bit as well. Given that I had another of those head colds/sinus colds last week, my contributions was to say the least minimal, which makes me all the prouder of all the work he's done. Since it was 90's DH got himself a cute hat to safeguard from a sunburn!

We haven't finished the job yet, but we are making some headway! Let's hope he can get his portion completed tomorrow while I tidy up the house a little! I also completed my cards for this months RCS Christmas card challenge which I'll scan and upload tomorrow as well as having finally finished my nephew's first scrapbook which I have to scan tomorrow so that I can finally get it off in the mail accompanied by a birthday present for my niece, Lindsay.

As for the winner for June, Sandy, if you'll send me a note to say which of the kits you want with your address, I'll get it and a couple of small surprises in the mail early next week. Congratulations and please don't stop posting comments!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

July is a Month of National Holidays

Four countries have influenced my life, and all 4 have their national holidays during the month of July!

First comes the country of my birth, Canada, with its July 1st Canada Day celebrations.

Next my adopted country, the United States, celebrates its birthday on July 4th. To mark this occasion, I created a small waterfall acrylic book, which you will see below.

Following is France, on July 14th. My paternal grandfather was from France.

Finally Belgium celebrates its National holiday on July 21st. My parents and even my sister were born in Belgium as were both maternal grandparents and my paternal grandmother.

So to the countries that have contributed to making me the mixed breed that I am, I wish you all a very Happy Birthday!

So here is the July 4th album: