Thursday, April 22, 2010

Make The Cut is On Sale & New Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, Archivers & Michaels Coupons

PhotobucketFor a limited time, the Make the Cut software is on sale for $55.36 a savings of $21.59! Don't wait, as we don't know when the sale might end! Use Coupon Code MTC327 at checkout to get the special discount price.

HOBBY LOBBY's new ad is out this morning (April 25th)!
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A.C. MOORE came out with a new ad and coupons today (April 24th) including a 40% off coupon any one regular price item.

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Also ARCHIVERS came out with a new 30% off coupon and ad.
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MICHAELS has also sent out it's weekly. Click here to see the ad and  here to print the coupons!

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1st Picture of My Dollhouse!

Well here is your first look at my dollhouse.  Charlene was over today and was kind enough to put up with my chananigans to get a picture of the house that I would actually like! As you can see, I got the walls, floors, foundation and roof on and stuck the windows and door in just so it would look pretty for the picture! It is pretty, isn't it?  My next step is to sink the nails, putty the nail holes, sand and then paint!  Once that is done, I'll have to choose between putting on the porch, working on the inside a little, or the long and tedious job of staining and then putting all the wood shingles on the roof, one at a time! Now remember everything including the shingles are in a 1:12 scale. So that is lots and lots of shingles!

I have a couple of ideas for the colors to use on the outside of the house but if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear what you think! I hope to add a garage perhaps with a room over it. I am having fun!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Started my Dollhouse!

I've always loved dollhouses and many moons ago, when I still lived near Montreal, I went to a miniature show.  All I can say is WOW!  If you look at a picture of a room inside one of these 1:12 dollhouses, odds are you won't have a clue you are not looking at a regular size parlour. Here for example is a picture I took at the Miniatures Museum in St. Louis recently... or did I?

Starting a dollhouse is quite the commitment.  First, like you would with a regular home, you have to have a plan. You will have to choose the architecture of the house, will it be brick, do you want to add the siding yourself or will you buy a kit with pre-milled siding? What type of roof do you want; asphalt or wood shingles? The look and style of your house will also depend on your window and door choices as well as the color scheme you select. Yup, sounds pretty much like building a regular house except, you can do what you want with it, no construction permits needed!

One of the things that I had to ask myself was, what will I put my house on during the building process that I can move in and out of my studio and that will also hold my tools etc for the dollhouse, and doesn't cost a fortune!  After doing quite a bit of research I found this rolling tool chest for $84 at Lowes:With a cover to soften it up and make it blend in with the rest of the room, it will be perfect!

And so I put the basics of my house together yesterday! Now i need to paint those, add the trim, add the proch and then, I'll be able to start on the electric grid on the inside! Many months of work ahead on this project

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Charity Crop - Cutting Out Alzheimers - April 17th 2010

I am so grateful to have met Tina and to have been able to support this crop.  Many, many years ago, the path of the Pescadore family and of mine crossed. I had a little girl crush, that's what you have when you are 5-6 years old, on the daddy, who in my mind will always be, Monsieur Pescadore. His wife, who for some reason was always Carmen, I found to be loving and wonderful too. They had a little girl, Elisa born on the same day and in the same hospital as the eldest of my younger brothers, Richard.

In an ironic twist of fate, Elisa went to Europe and decided to go and visit with my mom and brothers, who were then living in the south of France. Elisa and Richard fell in love and, as they say, the rest is history.  Elisa moved to Europe, and eventually, she and Richard returned to Quebec City, where they were married and had two beautiful children, my niece and nephew.

Like all of the baby boomer families, our two families eventually got into the position of losing our parents. While losing our dad to colon cancer was not an easy thing, Elisa and her sisters, went through a much more difficult time when their mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers. They lost their mother, one memory at a time, one ability at a time, until they had no choice but to find new living arrangements that would protect her, and those around her. It has not been easy on Elisa or her sisters and I hope that now that their mom is finally at peace, they will remember all the good times they shared! 

All that to say that I attended and gave to this charity crop in honor of a wonderful woman and mother, Carmen Pescadore.

May she rest in peace and may she help to rekindle the profound love that united her daughters.