Thursday, June 03, 2010

It's Time

It's time!  Time to give my creativity an outlet.  Time to give my soul the space it needs to be!  I'll probably struggle with who I am and what I'm supposed to be when I grow up for a long time, but for now, I'm taking steps to be... well, to be me! It's been a year since I moved up here to the beautiful rolling hills and blue grass of Kentucky! It has been a difficult, sad, painful, wonderful year! Wonderful for the new friends I've made, the old friends I rediscovered, and the friends, back in all the places I've lived that have remained friends despite the distance. Difficult and sad, because I moved away from some extraordinay people that I was very attached to. Painful physically because of the shoulder injury and surgery and painful emotionally because I had to leave my son, a grown man with his own life, behind in Florida! Sometimes my arms just ache to hold and hug him.

I'm taking an e-course called Flying Lessons, given by Kelly Rae Roberts. Kelly is teaching us how to market our art, and how to believe that we can!

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Sometimes I feel like Price Charming in front of all those feet of thorny bushes, knowing what something wonderful awaits me on the other side. I just need to build up the courage to make it through the bramble! I just need to figure out how to get through all that mess with minimum fuss and as little blood letting as possible. But get through, I will!"

The course must be working!  I sold this card today!
But that is just the tip of the iceburg!  More about what else
happened tomorrow!

 Life is certainly a journey filled with twists and turns and in my case many moves!  To think that as a young adult I passed on a number of opportunities, including moving to Belgium to work for NATO for 2-3 years! All because I didn't want to move! Fate is definitely a funny lady, or is that funny guy! And so this time in my life is about embracing my creative self and saying to it, go ahead, it's OK to be you, in all your quirkiness!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Coupons and a Cricut Gypsy Update

ARCHIVER's: has a new ad, but no new coupon!  Maybe next week?

MICHAEL's: I didn't get anything new from Michael's this week.  If you did, let me know!

AC MOORE: You might have missed their Memorial Day sale, but they also sent out coupons for the next two weeks here. There is a 40% off any regular item good from Tuesday June 1st to Saturday June 5th and a 50% off coupon from June 6th till the June 12th!

Online Store: Use code FS559 to get free shipping and $5 off any online order of at least $59. Click here to see their ad.
In Store: Here is the link to their weekly ad. Of interest, 50% off some stamps (Paper Studio and Stampabilities) and a 25% off any regular priced item coupon.


Provo Craft just announced (May 28th, 2010) another update for the Cricut Gypsy, that wonderful little handheld computer that allows you to upload all your Cricut cartridges into it! Here is the link to their announcement and the list of what they updated, debugged and added! So if you haven't already, register your Gypsy and get the updates!

I live in the outskirts of Cincinnati and didn't know that they were planning a CKC here!  Just found out when I got an email last week!  The planning begins! Anyone going? Check here for a list of all the CKC conventions!  Unfortunately, the Nashville one had to be cancelled, probably because of all the flood damage! I'm not sure about the Cincinnati show, so far it doesn't have a whole lot of Exhibitors!  I'm thinking of getting a booth with a friend and exhibiting there myself! It would be a shame if the Cincinnati show failed, because I know that they can get a 200 person turnout at Charity crops around here!  So there ARE a lot of scrapbookers in the area! I'm thinking that this was a late addition and that the exhibitors had already made other plans!  I hope CK will give this show another chance in 2011 even if 2010 isn't a bang up success!