Saturday, January 17, 2009

Home Search Current Front Runner

How about this house, on the lot shown bellow? I've been trying to find a great home for us. I want it to be cosy, affordable and totally functional. We want a house that is in sync with our lives and for me, one that allows us to have family members or friends over. I want to be able to accommodate my scrapbook friends whether they are new local friends or the friends I've made over the years that are willing to come and visit a beautiful area of the USA. Choosing a home is an agonizing process. Having one built is even scarier. I can only hope that I make the right decision and that both Rick and I love living here and feel cozy and comfortable.

This is not the usual look for the front of this home. I came across this front visiting the model in Monroe, OH. I think this is absolutely gorgeous. But I had to consider the reality of having the most expensive home in the subdivision and then it occurred to me this morning that if the house is on a lot that rivals anything in any subdivision I've seen, IE a million dollar view, it would continue to be attractive. So here is the lot that I would love to put the house on.

I would love to read your comments, both positive and negative and any suggestions you might have on this choice. I'm also including the link to the plan for the house. Our home would include a full bath with a shower on the main floor. On the second floor we'd have a shower in the hall bath and a door from bedroom two, creating a second master. Bedroom 3 would be the guest room and bedroom 4 the exercise room/Rick's office. As for the basement we would finish the rec room a little bigger, add another window as well as have the slider put in. Like many homes in this area, the basement is a walk out. I'd make sure that my scrapbook friends could roll their carts right into the rec/craft room and would include another full bath and a space for a fridge, microwave and sink.

So what do you think? On the right track or completely out in left field?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So Much Going ON!

Well here I sit in a hotel in Newport, KY on a house huning trip. Some might think that this is a bit early to be doing this but there is a chance that we might need to be here in early May and since we are considering having something built that we can live in virtually forever, we wanted to make sure that I'd get here early. There is also the fact that the mortgage rates are low enough that in some places, most of the better priced homes are going a little more quickly.

I left Tampa yesterday morning stopped for the night about 90 minutes north of Atlanta and drove the rest of the way today. I got into the area around 3 and immediately went to work, stopping to look at some models in the Florence/Union area. I even went out to Alexandria to see a market home but despite the beautiful lot, it just didn't make my heart sing, so more looking to do tomorrow. I wonder if I'll dream of the perfect home for us. If I do, I hope the dream includes the address, LOL!

Pictures coming soon!

I've also been asked by my friend Jackie at Scraptopia to put together a Love word book as a Valentine class, so I hope to work on that in the evenings while I'm here in KY, so that it can be almost finished when I get home! Plus I can't forget my Scrapbook Buddies, and hope to schedule a meetup as soon as I can get home to FL and clean up the kitchen and the living room. I've spent the last couple of weeks cleaning out various things, which in plain talk means I've made a mess of the whole entire house! Hence the joy of being away from the mess for a few days, but the desire to get back there, and clean up so that my friends can come and scrap soon!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Goodbye Radar

Today we had to say goodbye to our favorite pet ever, Radar. Radar was born some 15 years ago on a night filled with fireworks, June 24th 1993. He was one of 10 kittens born to a cat I owned which I had been assured by the shelter was male and neutered! That night, I knew for sure that Fred was really Freida! I was right there when Radar was born and helped his mom with the litter over the next few weeks. Radar was the cutest and the cuddliest of the litter and he always, right up till today went all limp when I picked him up, just the way a kitten does when his mommy cat picks him up. Unlike most cats, he nearly always came when he was called even when he was a young kitten. Radar went into kidney failure, faded very quickly and had to be put to sleep. I am grateful that my furry buddy never suffered and that Rick was petting him as he passed away.

From the beginning Radar was a very special kitty. Even my vet wanted him for her own. Over the years Radar moved with me to 10 times. He will not get to see our new home in Kentucky. I am so sad that he is gone but feel blessed that I got to be part of his life. I'm going to miss tripping over him in the morning and having to him follow me into the bathroom every single time for all those years. Bye Radar, you were the best!