Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So Much Going ON!

Well here I sit in a hotel in Newport, KY on a house huning trip. Some might think that this is a bit early to be doing this but there is a chance that we might need to be here in early May and since we are considering having something built that we can live in virtually forever, we wanted to make sure that I'd get here early. There is also the fact that the mortgage rates are low enough that in some places, most of the better priced homes are going a little more quickly.

I left Tampa yesterday morning stopped for the night about 90 minutes north of Atlanta and drove the rest of the way today. I got into the area around 3 and immediately went to work, stopping to look at some models in the Florence/Union area. I even went out to Alexandria to see a market home but despite the beautiful lot, it just didn't make my heart sing, so more looking to do tomorrow. I wonder if I'll dream of the perfect home for us. If I do, I hope the dream includes the address, LOL!

Pictures coming soon!

I've also been asked by my friend Jackie at Scraptopia to put together a Love word book as a Valentine class, so I hope to work on that in the evenings while I'm here in KY, so that it can be almost finished when I get home! Plus I can't forget my Scrapbook Buddies, and hope to schedule a meetup as soon as I can get home to FL and clean up the kitchen and the living room. I've spent the last couple of weeks cleaning out various things, which in plain talk means I've made a mess of the whole entire house! Hence the joy of being away from the mess for a few days, but the desire to get back there, and clean up so that my friends can come and scrap soon!


CathyR said...

Good luck with the house hunting. I hope you find something you absolutely love.

Scraplin said...

I hope you find a home, but its a shame you have to do it in this cold, and not the warm weather of Tampa! Good luck!

Lynne said...

House hunting while it's so cold back east could be a good thing. You're seeing the area at it's most extreme.

ChrissyM said...

Best of luck with the house hunting. On the bright side the rates are really good right now. Hope you find a home soon!

Marie Laurence said...

J'espere que tu trouveras la maison de tes reves ou tu pourras rester plusieurs annees de suite.
Je pense qu'il fait froid ou tu vas habiter...mais le froid tu connais au Quebec il y faisait froid aussi.
Bizzz et a bientot