Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm All Good - Sort of!

Well at least my knee is! They took x-rays and determined that the implants are adhering to the bone and that the whole joint looks as good as it possibly can. The clicking, which they don't tell you much about prior to surgery, is apparently my new friend for life and just something I have to get used to, yeah! What I was told pre-surgery was that it would be there until the plastic components moulded themselves to my knee movements and would go away in about a year! Maybe someday they will make quiet knees, not that other people can necessarily hear the crunching.

It's hard not to want to play with my latest toy. Post appointment, I had this urge to give my PGC also known as my new SUV some room to roam and so I took it to Lakeland for a spin. It was one of those spur of the moment decisions as I was getting within feet of the I-4 exit off I-75. Did I mention that Lakeland has an awesome LSS named Violettes? I decided to stop in and take a look and on the way home, I stopped in at Scraptopia to say hello to Jackie the owner. I've got to say though, that neither store has a great web presence.

Unfortunately I seem to have picked up was some sort of bug on the way and I've just spent the last few hours in bed feeling terrible. Not sure where it came from, but it sure came on quickly! So I'll keep today to a short post and hope everyone out there is feeling better than I am, LOL! I want to scrap and I still have a lot of organizing to do! But I'm going to make the best of each moment I get to sniffle, cause each one only comes once, haha!

So to show you that I still have a sense of humor, I'll leave you with two pictures of me taken at Scrapbook in Paradise during the treasure hunt. Not sure what I look better as a pirate with a huge head or a flat chested mermaid with big hair? You tell me!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Never Ending Task

Before I get to the never ending task, I guess you've noticed that I've added some of my favorite songs to the blog! Just found out how to do this and enjoyed it! Hope it didn't wake anyone up at your end! I know how it can be to expect to navigate to a quiet blog and suddenly find your ears assaulted by someone's idea of a good song!

Anyhow back to the Never Ending Task!

No I'm not speaking of dishes, laundry or grocery shopping. If you're a scrapbooker, you've probably guessed that I'm speaking about scrapbooking supplies. Somehow getting organized is a never ending chore. Buy just a few dollars more of paper or embellishments and suddenly you get the urge or is that the NEED to re-organize. What's with that?
Just so you know I got hit by the re-org bug in a big way! I guess it was caused by the Scrapbook Treasure hunt. You see the 1st store we went to had racks, great racks if you ask me for sale. They break down completely which is marvelous and they hold a ton of products! At any rate yours truly got the racks and then realized that they barely fit into my car, hence the need for a new SUV! OK, that's not quite true, but anyhow, once I got the racks into the house nothing would do but that I completely re-organize my for sale stash of supplies! I've been working on it for a couple of days already!

Here is a view of the racks as they are now, set up at the back of the kitchen in the eat in area. (I don't cook so nothing is really in danger!).Plus I have some awesome supplies for sale from Cookbookin and they really look good in the kitchen, LOL!

On another topic, tomorrow is my one year check up on my knee. I sure hope that everything is going on as it should in there and that the bones have fully knitted to the hardware. I still get a lot of clicking and strange sounds and there is still some discomfort when I touch the areas under and to the inside and outside of the knee. So it's up early tomorrow to make sure I make it on time to my appointment.

I hope that all of you are having a great day and that you did not miss out on a single moment of joy today! Enjoy the music and remember, each moment of your life only comes "Once!"

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patty's Day

I wish you the luck of the Irish. I'm not sure if somewhere deep inside me there is Irish blood, but I can tell you that there certainly is a part of my soul that belongs to Ireland. As a little girl I went to a Catholic School run my a wonderful order of nuns called the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary or RSHM. I would not be guessing to say that the sisters were influenced by their Irish members. Marymount Quebec had a great tradition of arts and sports as well as being top notch academically. Each year we put on many shows, but one that we always did just for fun was our St Patrick's day show. If my spirit wasn't born Irish, then certainly it was lifted by the beautiful tunes such as the one I've included here for your enjoyment and it danced an Irish jig, much as I learned to do. When I think of St Patrick's Day I think of my cousin Eugene, who we affectionately called Paddy. The RSHMs and Paddy are hugely responsible for my looking to the positive in people and in life. This is a tribute to them.

Happy St Patrick's Day to all of you!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Some fine Pipes!

I found this on my friend Marie Laurence's blog. She obviously found it on YouTube or someone else passed it on to you. I really like the sound of this so I thought I'd share too! Hope you are having a great weekend and that your upcoming week is a happy one!