Thursday, May 01, 2008

April Winner Announced

Is there a better way to start the month of May than to announce the winner of the blog comments contest for April? Drum roll please... Tabitha, you are the winner! Yeah (drums beating, cymbals crashing, flag waving, WooHoo!!!) I will get your gift out Monday or Tuesday!

I'm planning a very interesting weekend. Saturday, I'm cropping and vendoring at an all day commercial crop. Then Sunday I am supposed to do a Home Based Business Fair from 2-5. There will be some 35 businesses represented so I may bow out at the last minute. Depends on how I feel. Monday I have my Scrapbook Buddies crop here at home.

As for today, I did scrap work on the 12x12 Baby book for my nephew Zachary and the 2 8x8s I am making for the grandmas. I also did one of those one picture "artistic" layouts, just for the fun of it! I took the picture at the San Francisco Zoo earlier this year. I'm not even sure what the name of this flower is. Maybe someone reading this knows!

Here it is:

Monday, April 28, 2008

April is National Organ Awareness

Did you know that April is National Organ Donor Month? I could not let this month pass without talking about my little friend. Savannah stole my heart nearly a year ago. At the time I met her and her mami Ana, Savvy was yellow, her tummy was swolen and her parents were besides themselves with worry that their little girl would not live to see her 1st birthday. But Savannah had other ideas and though she got sicker and sicker she hug on and celebrated her first birthday away from her home, in a Ronald McDonald house in NJ, not far from the only place that could give her a chance to see the New Year, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Savannah is one of the lucky ones, she got her liver transplant on December 29th 2007 and lived to see 2008. She was given the chance to learn to walk and to finally be allowed to interact with other children.

Her mami, Ana just posted a link to a new video montage she has done of Savannah post transplant! I wanted to share it with you and remind you of the wonderful gift of life that organ donation is. Please take a moment today to sign your organ donor card and to let your family know your wishes. There are close to 99,000 people, many of them children like Savannah waiting on the transplant list here in the US. Who knows how many more around the world.

So like they say, please don't take your organs to heaven, heaven KNOWS we need them here! Please, please sign your organ donor card today, and then go to Savannah's COTA site and put an entry in their guest book, to tell them that M-C sent you, and that you signed your donor card today in honor of Savannah. And if you are so motivated, the Anselmo family have not reached the $100,000.00 fund raising mark yet in their COTA for SavannahA fund and have many years still of anti-rejection drugs and post op and control visits to pay for. If you can, click on the donate tab and help this family. And do spread the world about organ donation, it is such a simple gift and we could so easily bring down that 99,000 to zero if we all signed our donor cards today!