Thursday, May 03, 2012

Love My New Markers!

Yup, I do love my new markers!  I love copics too, but the Spectrum Noir work just as well and are far more affordable!  Thanks to my birthday presents, I was able to get myself the full set and I've loved being able to play!  Yup, I'll say it, coloring stamped images takes me back to the many hours my grandmother and I colored when I was a wee little one!  Here are some of the cards I've created with the Spectrum Noir!

 For the record, there are currently 168 different markers available.  They come in packs for 6 of which there are 12 and also in 4 sets of 24. Because of the way the Spectrum Noir system is set up, you  really need to start with the Essentials pack and then get your favorite colors by adding the six packs.  The sets of 24 are really add ons to the basic sets of six. Here is a list:

Packs of 6
Cool Grays
Warm Grays
Pales (good one for coloring faces)

Sets of 24


I also gave a lot of consideration to how I would store my markers.  I've had a few copics for a year or so, and I was hauling around a couple of those 36 marker cases. I honestly didn't like them much, the markers kept on falling out of the dividers and it took too long to pack them up if I wanted to move to another room or go and crop at a local store or at a friend's place. I looked on YouTube and liked the idea of a tower, but how do you bring an open tower to a crop.  It suddenly dawned on me that I already had something in my craftroom that would likely do the trick and it did! An ArtBin Giant Semi Satchel!

The satchel already comes with four shelves, and few pieces of cardboard to create dividers between the different colors and I was all set.  The markers are stored the way they should be horizontally, and all I have to do is close the lid and I'm all set to go!

I know that this will seem crazy, but I wanted to share my luck, so I opened a Zibbet store!  Right now you can get a huge Spectrum Noir bundle for less than $276 for all the pens plus the DVD, some paper and more!  Check them all out here. If I'm sold out, please just contact me.  I don't sell from my blog, but this deal I found just had to be shared!