Tuesday, September 06, 2011

WooHoo -I'm the featured artist on...

I'm so incredibly lucky to be the featured artist on Marion Smith's Artsy Artist blog! But more than that, I'm very lucky to be part of the Artsy Addicts community. I'm a big fan of Marion's. Not just of her art, though her talent is amazing and her teaching ability is outstanding, but more than that, I'm a fan of the courageous person she is. Marion is kind and gracious as well as very talented. I believe that her 31 Videos in 31 Day YouTube Challenge last year, was responsible for a huge increase in creativity and the sharing of papercraft projects on YouTube and on blogs around the world. I can certainly vouch for the fact that she helped open a whole new world for me and that in itself is truly amazing.  So to Marion, thanks for the honor of being featured on the AA blog and for making me a better crafter and to Angie Butler-Carter, Marion's blog Ambassador, thanks for the hard work and congrats on your wedding!

Oh, to check out the Artsy Addict blogpost, please go here!


P.S. I will be adding the unclaimed giftaway YouTube prizes to the 400 subscriber giftaway that is likely going to be announced on Thursday and I'll announce who I'm sending the blog paper crafting kit then as well!