Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Yearlong Gift

A Yearlong Gift

Rushing here,
Rushing there,
Christmas gifts bought here and there.

No more time
For me to share,
Have to wrap those gifts with care.

What is free takes little time
What each can give to humankind,
Don't have to charge for it, it's free,
A smile I give to you from me!

M-C Graves

I love Christmas time. Not the preparation, that's a lot of pressure, but the enjoyment of the smiles and laughter and goodwill. I'm not the first to want to bottle the Christmas spirit and I'll surely not be the last. I truly enjoy the smiles of people receiving a gift and am touched and humbled when someone things that I'm worthy of their time or thoughts. A smile is a small thing and yet it is the biggest gift of all. It is hard to feel lonely, hurt or angry when someone is looking at you and giving you a genuine smile that says that they care, that you are special. A smile is something that you can share with a stranger you cross on the sidewalk, a cashier handing you your sales slip, a child or harried mom in a checkout line.

I've always believed that a smile is the best gift we can give each other, and so I send you all a smile for Christmas and my wish that you exchange and receive a zillion smiles in the months and years to come.