Saturday, January 24, 2009

Half Way Home

I am halfway home after a successful trip to Northern Kentucky. We found the house we want to build; it is the one I showed everyone in a previous post. After adding ton of options, we put in an offer and got the price we wanted. From my research I think we got a great price and I can't wait to see the house built and finished with all the choices I got to make.

I will be going back to Kentucky in 3-4 weeks to review the plans for the house and finalize everything. After that I'll make another couple of trips and then probably move into an apartment once the house is framed and stay until the contruction is complete. Since there is another month after the actual construction is finished having various inspections done, I'll have a few weeks back home after that to complete packing and hang with my buddies.

I like the kitchen so much that I might just have to start cooking, LOL! And my craft room? It will be just awesome!!! Here is a picture of the kitche in the model. I picked maple cabinets and stainless steal appliances both of which are shown in the second picture taken from a different model.

I have a shot at 2 part time jobs when I get up there. One is teaching classes at the local scrapbook store and the other working in the model home in my community a couple of days a week. Time will tell if either of these come through, but they would be loads of fun to do and keep me out of trouble if I did get them.

Monday, January 19, 2009

How Beautiful

Is this a special picture or what?I guess they aren't kidding here when they have signs on the roads to look out for deer! It will be something to think about when driving at night!

I drove down a neighborhood cul-de-sac and when I came back up the hill there were 3 and then 4 deer just grazing there next to a home and across from the model home.

I was a little too far away when I took this picture, I didn't want to scare the deers away, and although I zoomed in and then did a little photoshoping, it still isn't all that clear. But if you click on the picture, you can see a bigger version.