Monday, September 19, 2011

Coupons Week of Sept 19-24

News: First I'm really sorry that these are late.  There is a nasty virus going around and both hubby and I got it in varying degrees!  Hopefully you guys can still use these!
I have a hard time believing that I have over 400 YouTube subscribers. That is so awesome! Of course that means I've just got to share some goodies on my YouTube channel and so I'll be posting a giveaway video in the next few days.  Not sure when exactly as I'm trying to figure out what would make it special!  The problem is making just special enough, but still breing able to do something even better if and when I get to 500, LOL! If you aren't already a subscriber to my YouTube Channel, please do go on over and take a look.  If you like what you see, won't you take a moment and subscribe? OK anough blah, blah, this is after all a coupon post! Happy shopping!
Click here for this week's AC Moore coupons.
Click here for the latest email I've received which includes a 30% off one item coupon. The coupon is good until September 25th. 

As of today, Sept 6th, there are no sales for tomorrow or the next day, or the day after that!

Here is the latest email that I've received from HL!The coupon is 40% off any one item. Here are the instore weekly specials!
Here is my latest sharable email from JoAnn's!

Go to their interactive weekly ad and see what they have in store for you this week! Some special discounts for you here!


Click here to view my lates email from Lion Brand.

Click here to see the last emails I got from Mary Maxim!

So there you go again with all the hot links for this week! Enjoy!

Legal blah, blah: For the record, by posting the coupons here, I am not endorsing any of the stores, just including them for your convenience and mine! Nor do I purport to have listed everything or not made a mistake.