Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hail in Hebron

We had quite the storm in Hebron, KY tonight with large hail, strong winds in places and torrential rain. Hubby and I were out and about when the rain and hail started. Fortunately, we were near an underpass right near the airport and were able to take cover! The hail stones hubby is holding where photographed after the hail stopped and had already melted some.When we got to our exit it was obvious that something serious had happened. Three large, wheeled solar signs used by the construction crew working on North Bend road were toppled over, one halfway accross the road. Next we saw emergency vehicles going towards the wharehouses belonging to and the GAP. We recently heard that there was a colapse at one of the wharehouses but we still don't know which one. The lights were out all the way to our development but thankfully our power was still on. That was my first time dealing with such large hail and we thought for sure our windshield was going to crack. Loud and impressive!