Saturday, October 24, 2009

More on Window 7 Upgrade

So far so good! While going from XP to Win7 isn't a piece of cake and the results were a little scary at first, once I let logic kick in it really wasn't bad. My laptop is very old so I was a little weirded out when neither my internal or external wireless devices worked. My sound card didn't work either! However it kept on telling me that I couldn't connect to the internet because I wasn't hard wired to the internet. Fortunately, one of the tings we did in our new house was wire for the internet. So I took the computer over to an access cat 5 cable and went online. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but within minutes, with me not doing anything, my sound was back and my wireless usb device had activated. I'm not too surprised about the internal wireless device as it has worked on and off for the last couple of years.

So now comes re-installing office, photoshop elements, and memory mixer. That done, I'll re-install iTunes and see about moving some of my files back from my outside hard drive to the laptop!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Upgrading to Window7

Well friends, my pc has been a limp along mess for a long time so I'll be taking the plunge and upgrading to Windows7. Unfortunately when you go from XP to Win7 you have to reload all your programs, so I'm sure this will take a little time.

Hope to see all of you tomorrow!!!