Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Message From the Bahamas!

Keshia is getting quite the kick, having me try Bahamian food! Here I am making a total mess of things trying to eat a Bahamian mango. I had to go and floss afterwards, the mango was so fibrous. But the taste, mmmmm very flavourful! After spending the early morning of Monday puttering around the house ,we spent some time at the store.

Keshia's small but beautifully put together store is sure to be a hit with the growing scrapbook community in the Bahamas!

Lunch found us at the Petite Café where we had the boiler plate and mutton in curry. We visited a fabric store that had a lot in common with the smaller JoAnn’s stores we have in the US, in that it had a craft area, a very small scrapbook area and the like. After stopping in a mini mall to pick up a catalog for ready to embroider shirts etc, we went back to the SB Cottage.

Dana, Keshia's daughter, and I had a great time working on a new sign for her bedroom door, and generally enjoyed ourselves cutting out letters and adding stickes glitter to just about everything.

After leaving the Cottage we took Michael to his meeting and spent some time driving around the island. Anyone that has been to the Bahamas and Nassau in particular, knows how beautiful the island is and how amazingly clear the water is. You can see the bottom clearly even where the water is really deel. I even saw a submerged submarine on the crossing from Florida to the Nassau. I though I was seeing things until the guys behind me started talking about the submarine too!

There are apparently a number of caves near the beaches of the Bahamas. We did visiting the openings of one cave that is just a few feet from the main street next to the beach and is left open for anyone to see. And if you're asking yourselves if I went down in one the answer is a resounding NO! Not only do I not like small claustrophobic places under the earth, but these are inhabited by Bahamian bats, which I had no strong desire to meet!

I was pretty tired by the time we got back to the house and retired early. What a great first day!

Monday, June 16, 2008

In the Bahamas

Well friends I made it to the Bahamas and what fun it has been already! I had an authentic Bahamian dinner last night at the home of Keshia's friends and then we drove around a while. I have visited the Bahamas before, but only for a few hours at a time off a ship. Even so, I recognized some places that my DS and I walkd around at and even the restaurant where he and I had conch fritters, yum, yum. BTW homemade conch fritters were on the menu last night and I ate a bunch and would have eaten more except that there was also crab n rice and BBQ ribs, yummy to MC's tummy!

I've finally gotten to see The Scrapbook Cottge which is right on the corner of Deveau and Dondeswell Streets. The store is so cute! It isn't big but what an awesome job of space planning went into it! Now I want to buy just about everything in it! Keshia can be very proud of herself, she has done a fantastic job of setting up the first scrapbook store in the Bahamas!

As for me, I am thrilled. How many times do we get to see a scrapbook store, pristeen, fully stocked with nothing but the latest and greatest and totally untouched! The perfect reflection of the owner's vision? I have no doubt that she will be a success and I can honestly tell you all that it is worth a look see when you stop in the Bahamas! Frankly, I can see why she is dying to open and share it. But for now it's going to have to be all about me, LOL as I am going to have a hard time NOT shopping!

I can't post pictures today, but will have some I hope to post tomorrow, sine I now know what the setup is here in her office. Well off I go to take pictures of the store and make a list of items I want to buy for a special present I have in mind for a small friend of mine!