Thursday, November 17, 2011

Janie's Visit

I had seriously been waiting a long time for this, years really!  And like the little girl that I am inside, I thought it would never happen, the day would never come, when my friend would visit me and see my new life in Kentucky. Like Christmas, Janie's visit finally came and was over, far too quickly.

As Janie's plane landed, the sun which had been absent for a couple of days, peaked out from behind a bank of clouds.  By the time I picked Janie and her luggage up, the day was sunny, making the few remaining  golden and russet leaves shimmer from their branches. We did so much during her visit!

Friday we ate at a Thai Restaurant called Spice and then visited Rees Harps in Rising Sun, Indiana.

The Majestic River Entrance to Rising Sun, IN

Darlene played for us and
we each bought one of her CDs.
Janie and Darlene in the store portion of
 Rees Harps. The back of the building is
 the workshop.

Saturday,  after crossing the river into Ohio, I tookJanie to Simply Scrapbooks in Kettering.  We had lunch at The Pub. I was driving so these are her pictures.

The beautiful view of Cincinnati from I-75 in Kentucky.
Janie tool this picture of me outside
The Pub in Kettering OH.
Sunday, Janie and I had lunch by the Ohio River in Newport, KY.
Janie stands on the deck outside the
Buckhead Mountain Grill.
Monday I got to introduce Janie to my friend Charlene. We had an Italian lunch and then did a little shopping at Archiver's.  I was sure that they would hit it off, and they did! Janie and I also went to Scrap Your Art out and Scrap, Paper Scissors!

My pal Charlene at Archiver's.
I took this picture on a different day.

Tuesday we started heading towards Pennsylvania, and stopped overnight in  Berlin, in Ohio's Amish country.  Our stop there was far too brief, I'm already planning on a longer visit. 

We stopped at the Hershberger's Farm and the adjacent
Bakery and Produce shop to buy preserves, cheese and
some baked goods! 

Janie and I ate a wonderful meal at the
Chalet in the Valley Restaurant

Linck Hill Inn, Morris PA
We finally made it to the beautiful Linck Hill Inn in Morris, PA, shortly before dark on Wednesday. There we met the awesome Doug and his family. Doug took such great care of us!  You can read his blog here! We didn't only make scrapbook related things during our stay. We made new friends, ate Jen Peck's excellent cooking, breathe in the fresh air, and took ton and tons of pictures that we then shared with each other! We even went ghost hunting, enjoyed a certain 3 year old's antics and birthday and played games! I've got to tell you, it was worth the 10 hour drive and the time away from home! If you scrapbook and this retreat comes up again, you just have to take the time to make it! Just follow Jen's blog to learn about her other retreats! Just remember her blog music is always on!

Jen preparing one of her excellent meals!

From Left to Right:
 TopRow: Krysta, Amy, Julie
Middle Row: Janie, M-C
Front Row: Lydia, Becky and Jen
Absent: Kathy

My scrap space with the gift box from Jen.  We also
got a mini album kit perfect for holding the special pictures
from our stay at the Inn.
To top it off, we got a goody bag from Julie that included
amongst other things, a cute mini menu of everything
Jen served us over the four days we were there.
An old storage shed on the Linck Hill Inn property.
There were so many beautiful things to photograph
both inside and outside the inn!

The deer feeder behind the inn attracted up to seven deer
at once!

Beautiful deer.

We drove back in pouring rain and terrible winds, only to get back to a tornado watch and a terrible thunder storm, worthy of the best storms in Tampa! Janie missed Dancing with the Stars because of a power failure, but other than a few items that got thrown around on the porch, everything was just fine!

Finally, the day before Janie had to leave again, we went to Burlington, Kentucky to visit one of the cabins built when Kentucky was being settled and to munch at the Towsey House Tavern.

This early pioneer cabin is now a quilt store, full of beautiful fabrics!
Janie stands in front of Tousey house,
where we had lunch on Tuesday.

Our very personable and smart waiter,
brings Janie her Coca Cola cake and float.
Now my friend Janie is back where she needs to be, with her husband and family.  I wish her house were across the way from mine, the way it used to be.  I wish we were planning next week's excellent adventure, the way we used to do. Miss you already, Janie!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

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My Weekly News: Janie and I have been at a scrapbook retreat in Pennsylvania since Wednesday afternoon! I'll post all about it separately this week! Suffice it to say that it's been grrrrrreat!

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