Friday, August 07, 2009

I Noticed Something Today

I was looking at some of the pictures on my cell phone and came across a picture that I took on or around January 21st. At that time, my odometer read 16,353 or so miles. It just happened that I was in my car, so I looked at my current odometer reading and realized that I was at over 29,783 miles! Would you believe that I've driven all those miles in the last 6 months! Wow is all I've got to say!

As I settle slowly into my beautiful new home, I do realize that I am blessed in so many ways. My son and I are close. My husband loves me and I have the best friends! Sure I miss everyone that isn't here with me; and while that won't change anytime soon, as some have said, it will get better as I get more settled in and make plans to see as many as I can over time! Meanwhile I need to focus on everything that I do have, and the fact that I could have ended up in a place that I didn't like rather than here in northern Kentucky with it's hills, river and charm.