Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bussy Bee Update!

What a fun but exhausting day I've had today!  After picking up Celine at her home, off we went to the Duke Energy Center for some scrap therapy! The CKC convention is in Cincinnati for the weekend and while today we shopped, tomorrow I am teaching my class.  We planned on spending two hours, so that I could go home and finish my powere point presentation for the class!  You never know when you are going to need those office type skills again!

So what is of such interest to Celine?  She really, really liked the Technique Tuesday class board.  I have to admit that I really like the color choices and techniques on this as well! 

However, we were only there for 2 hours, right? Well not quite, we were having so much fun figuring out everything that we both like and disliked that we stayed 5+ fun filled hours!

OK, I really need to get to bed... here is the picture of the little sun catcher who wanted to be a card and grew to be a mini-album!

Finally, below is the board that my class was publisized on just outside the convenion door! 
Thanks Pat for putting the board together.

My portion was a little bigger than she expected,

but she was gracious in letting me add my 12 by 12 portion!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Here are the coupons that I've gotten so far this week:

AC Moore had a sale this weekend, but nothing that I've gotten for this week.

Archivers has a new coupons and a new ad. The coupon is only good until September 8th. I was over there Saturday and they had a lot of new things in.

Well I'm getting a little dissapointed with the Hobby Lobby coupons. I'm starting to wonder if they are hurting a little! This week's ad is far more interesting than their coupon. Take a look and let me know if you agree with me!

Did you know that from time to time, you have to let the cashiers at Jo-Ann's scan the address portion of the flyer you get by snail mail? If you don't they stop sending them to you! I haven't gotten any by email in a long time. Has anyone out there reading this?

Did you know that Michael's limits the number of coupons they give out? If you wait too long, you will get a message that says something like we've given out all our coupons! Honest! So here are the current coupons.

Do let me know if you've used any of the coupons that I've posted! We all like to hear what people are buying and any deals they may have gotten! Thanks and have a great week!