Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and Opinions Please!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who will be celebrating it this week! So what do you think the turkey is talking about? Surely he is asking for a pardon! Or invoking higher powers to let him live...Oh, I've got it!  He is extolling the virtues of  eating steak! But what can I say, I'm human and an omnivore! The poor critter doesn't stand a chance, no matter how cute he is!  Personally, I'm aiming for the full Thanksgiving buffet, turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry preserve. And honestly, a nice piece of pumpkin pie would do just right by me as well! That said, Jen cooked a vegetarian chicken dish at the Linck Hill Inn retreat and it was without a doubt, better than its real chicken counterpart! As soon as she shares the details, I'll let you all know!

On another note, I really need to know what would make my readers happy, so please take a moment to comment! Here goes!

First, should I continue with the coupon posts?  They do take a bit of time and honestly I'm not sure if people actually are coming here to view the links and use them.

Is there anything that you would like me to cover in my posts? Trends, weekly links to the great projects I find on You Tube, crafty ideas, interviews with up and coming scrapbook artists or established ones...

Finally! Did you know, that I keep a copy of every comment I get on the blog throughout the year and at Christmas time I gift one of my faithful readers with a Christmas present? I'm not sure what I'll gift this year, but it will probably be something fun for the winner to play with!