Thursday, September 16, 2010

Post CKC Update

Well CKC Cincinnati was fun and I had some really nice people in my class!  I'm not sure about working at the breakneck speed required for such classes. I know that it's expected, but that part of it, not having the time to really interact with my students, is my least favorite aspect! Not everything went as planned in my class despite the huge amount of preparation I did.  However, without all that preparation, there is no way my students could have finished their projects.  With the help of the class schedule, (there was no class scheduled after mine), we got enough wiggle room to allow the students to finish all but a few very minor details of their Sun Catcher mini-book! I want to applaud all of them for their hard work and kindness during the class! I'm sorry we had to rush through all of it, but you sure were troopers! If any of you wonderful people are reading this and you email me with your snail mail addy, I'll put a little surprise in the mail for you!  Really!

Sunday was all about tidying up the house and just chilling with my kitty by my side! As for yesterday, I had to deal with some family emergencies, nothing terrible, just time consuming, plus tidy up and clean the the scraproom and vacuum and clean the whole house in preparation for today's scrapbook buddies meetup!

So there you have it in a nut shell.  By the way hubby made my day this morning, he told me that he really, really is quite fond of me!  He is such a sweetie!

BTW, I wrote this yesterday and it seems that I was having issues with my computer. So, for some reason, the entry didn't post! Grrrr....

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Here are the coupons for the week of September 12-19, 2010

New coupons from AC Moore!  I guess I should go back to posting them as I get them. AC Moore seems to be giving out some good coupons that are only good on Sundays these days.

New ad and coupons from Archivers!

Ah yes!  AS 40% off coupon this weeks and a new ad!

If you got a new flyer in the mail as I did, bring the whole flyer in with you and get them to scan your address! This will ensure that you continue to have coupons mailed to you!

Michaels is feeling generous!  They have multiple coupons including a 50% off any regular priced item!  Normally that means that loads of items are on sale!