Thursday, March 06, 2008

Measuring Day

Wow I was so tired yesterday that I forgot to post this update! Given that I have a crop with about 8 people tonight and have to have to pack my stuff up and be ready to load Janie's car at 7:15, methinks, it is likely I won't be able to post anything new tonight!

It was my measuring day at Curves today! I went in thinking I hadn't lost any weight, since my emphasis this month was to really work on my right leg so that the surgeon would have only good things to say on the 20th when I get my 1st year post knee replacement checkup. I was wrong! I lost some, not a lot, 3.5 lbs and better still I lost 10.25 lbs and my BMI went down another 1.5. Still a long way to go, but given that I'm not dieting, just being a little careful, I think this is all good news!!! Best off all I've apparently regained 1/4 inch in height that I'd lost over the years! Awesome what excercise can do for you, LOL!

Gotta go clean house... one room at a time or I'll never get anything done, haha! How do you clean and tidy? Do you go from room to room, tackle a pile in one room and when you go to put the pile in the "right" room you tackle a pile there and hope that by the time 10pm comes around all the piles have changed places??? Frankly, it can work and save on leg wear and tear, as long as you put away the articles in piles that you move into the "right" room rather than leave them in a pile. Confused? You should be, cause this honestly doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me either!!! ;-)
Pictures are from the mini album I made on last Sunday watching TV and scrapping in my bed! I was a tired lady! It's of my little niece Lindsay and is another of TLC's new Shape Upz kits. Everything I used came from that little 6x6 boxed kit, from the ribbon to the ring!!
I'll update you on all the weekend fun on Sunday! Meanwhile, have a great weekend and don't forget to tell your friends about my blog contest and the RCS 4 day cruise March 5th, 2009!!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sometime life passes by so fast that you get whiplash! I'm glad that I learned years ago that the best way to make the best of what is going on is to do a mental adjustment. Yup folks, everything good and bad happens between my ears. That might explain why I've had so many earaches and even virtigo, LOL!

Wouldn't you know it, my TIVO recorded something else and not American Idol last night! My fault, obviously, so I had to go through the season pass manager and give Idol a higher priority than Designed to Sell or was it House Hunter. At any rate it will record Idol tonight! I am "trying" really hard to get things all done by Friday, but it is an uphill battle which should be a snap for me given that I spent 11 years of my life living on a pretty steep hill! Here is a picture of the street I lived on.

Le Vendome that you see here, is the restaurant that my parents started in the 50s in Quebec City. We lived on the top two floors of this historical house built in the 1700s! The main and 2nd floor were/are taken up by the restaurant which actually had two full kitchens. Actually I found some beautiful pictures of the city of my birth taken by a tourist last year or was it the year before. I thought I'd share so here is the link.

I am still working on the cruise and I'm no longer sure about doing a class at CKC. They told me today that of the $25 I wanted to charge for the class, they would take $22!!! I guess I'm not charging enough, but that seemed reasonable to me. The album and the techniques I'd be teaching do require 2 hours. I hate the classes that you go to at conventions that are so fast paced that everyone walks out with most of their kit untouched and nothing quite completed. I guess I might offer the class somewhere more reasonable. Maybe on the cruise, LOL! Just kidding!

Finally, as requested, here is a picture of the mini book that goes with the little mailbox. Now off to bed I go!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Rush, Rush, Rush 'n Breathe 'n Smile

I've got to laugh at the day I had. As I've mentionned before I have the TLC booth at the CKC Convention in Ft Lauderdale at the end of June. Today was the outside deadline to get my class plan to CK. I thought my booth partner was buying the kits for the class. Apparently there was a miscommunication, or rather my email telling her that it was ok and to go ahead and buy the kits never made it to her and so I only had today to put another project together including the class description. Just a little pressure! So here is a picture of the book we will do if the class is accepted.

My poor friend Janie saw me have an artistic frustration fit this afternoon. It doesn't happen often, but with the deadline looming the book just wasn't where I wanted it to be. Thankfully my funk disappeared, I thought of a way to get the balance that was missing on the pages and I'm happy with the final product. Hopefully it will be approved and people will sign up for it. That part is always scary!

Other than that I had a nice chat with my RCS friends. I watched the Biggest Loser and talked briefly to my hubby who was really tired. I'm so proud of him! He has been taking yoga classes twice a week before work, which means that he has to leave here at 6:15. He demonstrated some of his moves the other day. Now, now people, I am speaking of yoga positions here! I was amazed at how flexible he has become! I have another busy weekend ahead of me, I have a 6-12 crop on Friday and I have to then pack my TLC items and some other stuff as I am vendoring at a crop in Sarasota on Saturday. For those who do not know, Sarasota is 45 minutes from here and I have to be there at 8:30 am to set up. Well that's it for another day in the life of "moi"! Now off to see what happened on American Idol. Thank goodness for TIVO!

Monday, March 03, 2008

But It's ONLY Monday...

Someone, who shall remain nameless, but is a very good "buddy" of mine, called me today and said, "you haven't written in your blog since Saturday!" OMGosh... but it's only Monday, right? I actually took it easy yesterday though I did work on a mini book of and for my little niece, while sitting in bed and watching TV. It's almost finished, I was going to share it with you tonight, but I had this brilliant idea that requires that the embellishment dry and then that they actually work and look good, so I'll share tomorrow.

So... I thought I'd share something else, a layout from the wedding album I made for Amy and Eli.

Also here is a picture of a class I'm going to offer. It is a small pink mailbox with a mini book. The paper is all Basic Gray.

Let me see what else did I do today? I gathered April's winnings and they should be out priority tomorrow. I worked on gathering information for a special cruise for all the nice people in my newsgroup to be held sometime in March 2009. I'm hoping that this will be something that everyone wants to attend. I expect the 4 night cruise to be less that $400/double occupancy for an outside and less than $35o for an inside, plus taxes and port fees. Hopefully we'll have a dedicated conference room for the whole trip included in that price. If people are willing to be 4 per cabin the cost could be a little lower for all 4. 3rd and 4th bunks are uppers though and I know that isn't always very popular. We need to reserve a minimum of 8 cabins to get group benefits. Anyhow, I better post this blog before much more time goes by as it will soon be Tuesday and then I'll be in big trouble, LOL!