Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sometime life passes by so fast that you get whiplash! I'm glad that I learned years ago that the best way to make the best of what is going on is to do a mental adjustment. Yup folks, everything good and bad happens between my ears. That might explain why I've had so many earaches and even virtigo, LOL!

Wouldn't you know it, my TIVO recorded something else and not American Idol last night! My fault, obviously, so I had to go through the season pass manager and give Idol a higher priority than Designed to Sell or was it House Hunter. At any rate it will record Idol tonight! I am "trying" really hard to get things all done by Friday, but it is an uphill battle which should be a snap for me given that I spent 11 years of my life living on a pretty steep hill! Here is a picture of the street I lived on.

Le Vendome that you see here, is the restaurant that my parents started in the 50s in Quebec City. We lived on the top two floors of this historical house built in the 1700s! The main and 2nd floor were/are taken up by the restaurant which actually had two full kitchens. Actually I found some beautiful pictures of the city of my birth taken by a tourist last year or was it the year before. I thought I'd share so here is the link.

I am still working on the cruise and I'm no longer sure about doing a class at CKC. They told me today that of the $25 I wanted to charge for the class, they would take $22!!! I guess I'm not charging enough, but that seemed reasonable to me. The album and the techniques I'd be teaching do require 2 hours. I hate the classes that you go to at conventions that are so fast paced that everyone walks out with most of their kit untouched and nothing quite completed. I guess I might offer the class somewhere more reasonable. Maybe on the cruise, LOL! Just kidding!

Finally, as requested, here is a picture of the mini book that goes with the little mailbox. Now off to bed I go!


cowchipper said...

pretty close to you I am running around here like a chicken with his head cut off. I am trying to do this and do that. My brother won't come to watch Jonathan and changes had to be made. Leaving Friday afternoon. Mailbox and bookie are cute.

Tabitha said...

Loved the pictures! The guys did alright on American Idol. I think the girls did better. Blake Lewis is supposed to be on there tonight :) Sorry to hear about your class. You wouldn't make much profit. Love the mini album :) Have a great day!

janierob said...

thanks for showing the little book with the mailbox

It was great to see a picture of your parent's looks quite upscale...sounds like the story of living above a restaurant would be a good children's book...I'm glad you included that picture...helps everyone to know more about you

Shannon said...

They restuarant looks cool. It really has grown if they are now on all three floors. I'm opposite of Tabitha, I thought the boys did better than the girls. It's weird, one boy and one girl are Indiana. Luke is about 1/2 hour away from me and Amanda is about 5 miles away. Don't know either of them though.

Scraplin said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures. Quebec City looks like quite a place to visit! I'm glad we could chat last night!