Thursday, March 21, 2013

Graphic 45 Design Team 2013 Submission

Every Year Graphic 45 selects their design team after reviewing hundreds of entries from people aspiring to be a part of this fabulous company. For years I have used their products and looked on as people with amazing artistry and skills were selected. This year, as part of living my life with "zest", I decided to get off the bench and get into the game. I truly had a great time putting this post together, and creating the project you will see first, made especially for this DT call but with a practical use in mind.  I hope my selections will please the eye! Here are the 6 projects that I decided to submit for their perusal:

It's a Secret...

This side hides the mini album.

The drawer is a great place for your love letters!

The Gazebo has a roof shingled with the Secret Garden
"Patterns and Solids"

It's amazing what you can do with some pretty paper!

There is even a little bench to sit and think...
if you are a really, really small creature!

The whole project set out for you to see!

The Mini Album:

Since the album has to fit in it's case, 
it cannothave embellishments on the outside. 
But who needs embellishments when using 
such pretty paper?

Inside the mini album...the rose pages!

I just love the purple pages! A cascade of space for pictures!

Pretty in Blue too!

Green is pretty too!
Between each of the pages is a giant tag to put pictures on!

To make sure the ribbon on the tags doesn't interfere
with the ability of the mini to slip into it's space under
 the garden, the ribbon is wired and folded into a bow
that is tucked inside the book.

Magnolia's Daisy in Graphic 45's Secret Garden:

The Magnolia Tilda with Daisy was just sitting in a box waiting for the
perfect paper! And there is no doubt that for my eye, the Secret Garden
paper with the fence was just perfect!

Erica's Card:

Another Secret Garden Project!
Thank you Erica for sending me the picture!

A Lady's Diary Blue Journal

When I decided to do this project, it occurred to me that it would be fun to try make it mostly blue. 
The album cover is made from chipboard and closes with a magnet

This is what it looks like open.  There are 4 signatures 
as well as a mini journal on the left and 
4 signatures on the right.

The memories mini on the left is a place to write your thoughts about fashion of anything else that crosses your mind.

Once Upon a Springtime Mini:I just loved this Graphic 45 collection.

My Place in Time Calendar:

This calendar was created for a class I gave. The acrylic cover and back are reusable every year. The pages are specific to 2013 and will fit nicely into a scrapbook when the year is done.  We all wanted a calendar we could write on, so I created the calendar sheets and made sure to match the papers for that month. 

This page is very minimal as the elements need to be hidden behind the acrylic front and I only wanted the year to show.  When the time comes to place it in a scrapbook, I'm sure I'll add a few things!

Well here is to living with zest and enjoying every moment! Thanks to the Graphic 45 family for providing us with paper collection that stretch our imaginations! 

Merci et à la prochaine!