Saturday, July 31, 2010

On the Water

In Beverly Hills you tour the homes of the stars in a bus, in Palm Beach you tour the homes of the Fords and Khols and Fishers etc on a boat! That's Captain Kevin in the picture getting ready to take the boat out of the Shellfish Marina!

Lucky me to have spent a wonderful afternoon with Ashley and Shaun! Love those two! Again I apologize for the single huge picture! I'm still posting via my iPhone.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Breakfast on the Beach

What a beautiful morning! After spending time finishing my latest read of Fern Michael's sisterhood series on our balcony with a view of the Atlantic Ocean, I went for a walk on the beach. Sand, surf, quiet, heaven!

The picture above shows the view from where I sat eating breakfast! Not sure if you can see the ocean because of the lighting. The picture is big because I'm posting via the Blog Writer app on my iPhone. Tonight Shaun and Ashley are coming down from Orlando, to spend time with us. Yeah!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CHA Day 2

What a day! I finally got to meet Cathy R who has been an online friend for 8+ years. Hours later, Cathy won an e-Craft, that sexy new cutter that I've had my eye on for a year! I'm so happy that you won!

I forgot to take pictures with my iPhone today so you'll have to wait a day to see what caught my eye! With that I hop on a plane at 7am so that means catching the shuttle at 5! Oh I finally did bump into Lori, the owner of Scrap Paper Scissors shopping, shopping and Shopping some more! Lots of prettiest coming your way ladies!

Nite all!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CHA Summer 2010 - Day 1

Hello from CHA where they love bloggers and buyers all!  I had a packed day and haven't even done half of the show!  I did spend quite a bit of time at Best Creations, E-Craft where I met Suede from Project Runway!  He is such a sweet guy! We talked about his time on Project Runway and how many good things have happened since the project!  He created the dresses that you see in the picture using the e-craft.

I also got to spend some quality with the wonderful Nikki Sevils.  She is such a sweet lady!  I love all her new collections!  We talked about the very sweet Gerri-Ann and also about Linda of Hilltop fame! We spoke of Florida and how what scrapbookers want varies from state to state and region to region.

I also got to talk to Donna Salazar!  We did joke about her great genes!  You would never know from looking at that beautiful face that she is old enough to have grown children!  I enjoyed speaking to her about the pictures on her new Kiss the Cook Collection, that she took of her mothers vintage cooking utensils collection. It is always interesting where inspiration takes a person and comes from

I've got a lot more pictures to share, but right now I'm on a friend's computer (thanks Connie B.)and can't reduce them to upload more to the blog! More tomorrow!

Counting down!

Just a few more hours to wait!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello From CHA Chicago

Well folks it wasn't smooth and easy but I did make it to Chicago and CHA. Thanks to Delta's usual timeliness I was over an hour late, but based on my experience that isn't bad!

I'm sharing a room with my friend Pat and her best bud Connie! After dropping my things in the room we went over to the convention center where I got my badge printed! Then we went to the "Taste of Rosemont" a eating tasting feast put on by some of the best restaurants in the area to welcome the CHA brass, exhibitors and attendees! I was so happy to see Jo and Jill from Whim-so-Doodle! I say I saw but Jo actually spotted me first! I really do miss their beautiful scrapbook store and the wonderfully talented Doodle Divas!

After stuffing our faces we went to look at the innovation showcase! Some cute things! Can't wait till tomorrow and the official opening of the show!

More tomorrow!

Win a Home Accent Cricut Cartridge!

In honor of CHA Summer, I've decided to giveaway one Home Accent Cricut Cartridge! You have between now and August 15th to enter to become eligible to win this cartridge! Join my followers, or tell me if you already are, Tweet or put a link to the post on Facebook and come back here and add your name and link in the Mister Linky box bellow. Don't forget to add a comment telling me that you are a follower or have become one and if you are new, who sent you. Send your friends and make sure they leave a comment telling me that you sent them! You'll both get an extra entry! So one entry for the link, one entry for the comment, and one entry if you send a friend and they mention your name in their comment

I'll be posting from CHA starting tomorrow!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Class Offerings

I thought I'd show you the classes that I'll be offering at Scrap, Paper Scissors.

The first one offered is "Heat Wave" offered on Sunday August 22nd from 1-3:30pm.

The Second class I'm offering is Lovely Canvas Book offered Sunday September 19th from 1 to 3:30 PM.

The Last Class offered is the "School Days", 2010-11 offered Saturday September 25th from 1 to 3:30pm.

One of the things I'm big on is making sure my students complete their album before they go home.  So most everything is pre-cut for you allowing you the time to learn the techniques and put the books together!  I promise, we'll have lots of fun!

Here are some pictures from the Class Launch last Friday!  There are a lot of awesome classes being offered!


Hello coupon lovers! There are some great new coupons this week.

They have a new ad and coupons! (50% off one item 25 to 31 July)

A new ad with a new 30% off coupon, good until the 28th!

HL has a new ad and a product specific Krylon Paint coupon.


Nothing so far this week!

Well folks, like most bloggers, I love comments so please feel free to leave one when you come and get your coupons!