Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CHA Summer 2010 - Day 1

Hello from CHA where they love bloggers and buyers all!  I had a packed day and haven't even done half of the show!  I did spend quite a bit of time at Best Creations, E-Craft where I met Suede from Project Runway!  He is such a sweet guy! We talked about his time on Project Runway and how many good things have happened since the project!  He created the dresses that you see in the picture using the e-craft.

I also got to spend some quality with the wonderful Nikki Sevils.  She is such a sweet lady!  I love all her new collections!  We talked about the very sweet Gerri-Ann and also about Linda of Hilltop fame! We spoke of Florida and how what scrapbookers want varies from state to state and region to region.

I also got to talk to Donna Salazar!  We did joke about her great genes!  You would never know from looking at that beautiful face that she is old enough to have grown children!  I enjoyed speaking to her about the pictures on her new Kiss the Cook Collection, that she took of her mothers vintage cooking utensils collection. It is always interesting where inspiration takes a person and comes from

I've got a lot more pictures to share, but right now I'm on a friend's computer (thanks Connie B.)and can't reduce them to upload more to the blog! More tomorrow!


Summer Braxton said...

sooo fun.... and still sooo jealous!!
I remember Suede, too. Funny guy!