Saturday, March 15, 2008

Guess What I Did??!!!

OK, so after mostly staying home yesterday, I just had to get wild today and that is exactly what I did! I got up and went to Curves, came home and said hello to Hubby and then went out again. My first words when I got home the second time? Guess what I bought today! Hubby, who knows me well, took one look at my face and said... "an SUV"??? "What kind", he asked? "Oh, not a big one", I said looking rather innocent. "Ah, how much", he asked? "Not all that much, it's not a big one and I got a great deal, it was the manager's demo. Wanna see", I replied? Sure, want me to drive you somewhere, he asks? "I thought you might ask to drive it so I've already adjusted the seat for you, I said"! "It's a nice SUV" he said contemplating the vehicle. " I know, but it's beige!" "Well it's really a pale metallic gold" he said trying to make me feel better about the color. He knows that I don't like beige and my whole house is painted that color. It was a good house at a great price when I bought it, but it was beige. With all the surgeries I've had since moving here, painting the whole house really wasn't on the agenda. I did manage to repaint my room to a pale green that I also used in most of the family room and I painted the guest bedroom which is a nice blue, all before my hands got really bad with carpal tunnel.

So here is my new, pale gold chariot or PGC as hubby calls it:

Because it was the managers demo car, it is fully loaded. It's a 2007 which helped with the price as well. In addition, I don't have to pay for any maintenance or roadside assistance at all for 5 years or 60,000 miles whichever comes last and as long as I do all my maintenance at the dealership, I get free tires for life! Another feature that I love is that it has a full size spare, not one of those donut thingies.

I even have a DVD player for the back seats, a sun roof, satellite radio, dual air, a cd/mp3 player in the dash, as well as an extra 6 disk cd player! It is absolutely fully loaded. The only thing I compromised on was the power pedals and the color. The rest is way more than I really needed, but this really was an unbeatable deal! The really great thing is that I can now figure out exactly how to load it when I go and vendor at crops of do the TLC booth at CKC in Lauderdale! I am really pleased and think of this as my birthday present! Hubby BTW likes it too ;-) And no it was not really an impulse buy. I've been looking at and getting quotes on new cars for about a month now and I was fairly sure that I'd get the Santa Fe. A friend of mine who drives fairly long distances, loves her Santa Fe more than she liked her Lexus SUV and we all know that one is about twice the price of the other! Now back to working on all the scrapbook supplies!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Finally Escaped From the Pirates

ArrrrH! It was difficult, it was long, it was fun, it was the Tampa Bay Scrapbook Treasure Hunt and for this year at least, unless I or my buddy Janie win one of the two big prizes, it is over! We did it! I put 550 miles on my car, visited 15 scrapbook stores and had a great time! Some were better than others, some were bigger than others, some were friendlier than others, some were better stocked than others, some had better projects than others, but all were visited!

If either of us wins, we get to do it all over again!!!! We looked for things, found things we weren't looking for and brought most of both home with us! Yes we are stocked or is that stoqued? Hmmm, something like that! Hubby is stoickly walking through a house gone mad with scrapbooking supplies and pretending that nothing is out of the ordinary, are you kidding? Everything around here is out of the ordinary or is that simply out of place?

I have a list of things to work on tomorrow, since it is the first day in over a week that I'll be home! OK, I was home on Sunday, but I wasn't really lucid, LOL! I hope to get the answers for our Carnival Scrapbook Cruise. We may need to add outside cabins and dump the inside ones. Looks like none of us want to be inside! I can't blame anyone, I personally prefer an outside or a balcony. At any rate, I'll do everything I can to get through my To Do list after I get through a workout at Curves! Ah, a day at home!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Too Little Sleep but SO Much Fun!

Oh my gosh do I sound like a broken record yet? I had a lot of fun despite the lack of sleep! Friday was crop night at my house! We had a great time and everyone was kind enough to leave early (just past 11pm) knowing that I had to pack all my stuff so I could vendor at a crop in Sarasota on Saturday. The first picture is of my setup at the crop in Sarasota! By the time I got everything packed and ready and managed to fall asleep it was 3:30 am and I had to be ready to go out the door at 7:15am. For some weird reason I woke up at 5:30 and managed to get a cat nap in between then and 6am. I did have a great time at the crop but according to my friend Janie, I was more talkative than she had ever known me to be, and she's now known me for a year and a half! Probably my body's way of keeping me awake! She said I wasn't bad, but she is a generous soul! Thank goodness she drove and was there to help me load and unload and load and unload again!

We also managed to visit two of the 15 LSS included in the Tampa Bay Scrapbook Treasure Hunt, Scrapbooking Memories and K2. Both stores are within about 7 minutes from each other in Sarasota, and you'd wonder how they manage to survive, but they do, at least so far. It may be because of the difference in their styles.

I had great plans to sleep all day Sunday, but we all know why they are called plans! Hubby woke me up at 8:30 am new time and just when I thought I could go back to sleep, a friend of mine called to tell me that she was finally starting work in a new restaurant. So hubby and I went and had lunch as a show of support.

Today Monday, Janie and I got together and visited 4 stores. Violettes in Lakeland, Sew and Scrap, Scraptorium and one of my favorites, The Scrapbook Shoppe in Tampa. We had a great time and got home somewhere around 4:30pm. Tomorrow i have to get to Scrap Happy and then back to Scrapbook Memories where I had a couple of racks put aside for me on Saturday. Aside from all of that, over the past few days, I have chatted with two people that have organized scrapbook cruises, paid the bills, fed the kitties, done 6 loads of laundry, cleaned and messed up the house, finished a mini album and 2 layouts and somehow managed to enjoy all those moments which we all know, are precious because... they only come once!