Sunday, January 20, 2013

You Tube Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to everyone who subscribed to my channel during my YouTube giveaway!  I hope that I will give you reasons to come back and check on what I'm doing! This has been a fun experience and I hope that finding a word that identifies your goals for 2013 was a worthwhile thing to do!

I spend a great deal of time watching videos on YouTube and I will make a greater effort when I do so to actually leave comments! This whole giveaway reminded me of why it is that we YouTubers and bloggers put things we make out there for others to see.  Sure there are extroverts that just love it for the exposure.  But for some of us that are somewhat more shy, this is a great way to connect with people that will motivate us to keep on doing what we do! Creating is a great outlet for many of us. I am convinced that it helps me stay healthy and grounded! Again, thank you for your comments and encouragement of all the crafters out there!!  To actually learn who won, please watch!

Congratulations to the 3 winners! Don't forget to email me with your full name and address so that I can send you your goodies! Have a great day!