Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Hectic Day

It hasn't been easy posting tonight! For some reason I can't seem to upload my pictures, it keeps on giving me an error message. So, I'll just keep this very simple and hopefully get a picture uploaded later. Between having a repairman come in at 8:45am, a lunch meeting with my friend Charlene, a 1:30 appoinment with one of my neighbors Sandy to help her with a memorial project, and a 5-7 class at the Y amongst other things, today has been mighty busy!

Tonight was a bit of a disappointment, though I did still have fun! Of the 20 people expected at the YMCA for my mini book class, only 6 showed up! 3 ladies and 3 children. Fortunately all were very nice people, so it was a fun time nonetheless! One of the ladies was a neighbor Sandra, a sweet lady, not to be confused with the previously mentioned Sandy who is without a doubt also very sweet. The other two ladies were both scrapbook enthusiasts that I hope I'll see again sometime soon! The three children who made books seemed to have a lot of fun, and between this and the card make-n-take on Monday, I rediscovered how much fun it is to make crafts with kids!

Now if I can only find my handy dandy sony camera, I'll be a very happy critter. Both my camera and my headset seem to have decided to go awol (absent without leave/permission), though one could argue that it is my mind that is missing in action!

Given that I'm not sure if you'll hear from me between now and Sunday, I' ve got a lot on my plate between now and then, I'd like to wish my Canadian family members and friends, a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend and to all, have a great weekend!

And please, don't forget to forgive what you can't forget!

(pictures downloaded from photobucket)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Making the Most of the Weekend!

Yesterday, Saturday, I decided to take a drive and visit a little village in Indiana called Metamora. I had asked around about a cute place to shop with a Main street and someone had come up with this town. Delighted that my son is coming to visit for Thanksgiving, I wanted to see if this might be the type of place we might both love.

As I got close to the place the traffic started to crawl. Being that we are speaking of a two lane country road, I felt for the locals and wondered if the area was always this congested. Next parking in fields were announced and I started to realize that something was really up and that fortunately we were not talking accident! After shelling out $6 to park in a field, I walked around on the north side of the road. There were lots of merchant tents and hundreds of people! The actual town though was on the other side of the road and again there were lots of merchant tents and hundreds of people.

Without a doubt this is the largest street vendor fair I have ever seen. It just so happens that it was Canal Days (weekend) in Metamora, a beautiful old village. I wont bore you with the story of the town, you can check out more here. Let me just say that if you come to visit me there is a big chance that we will go and visit this beautiful town which is only an hours drive through beautiful countryside.

Having done so well going north west, today I decided to have another look at the Indiana side of the Ohio. Again we are speaking only 30 to 45 minutes away. This time it being Sunday the stores were closed in these little towns, yet given the beautiful weather, I was happy to walk out and enjoy the view and the perfect weather. I ended up in a town called Rising Son, which has a Casino set in a paddle wheeler.

I didn't go near the casino, but you can see it in the picture. There is a nice walk along the river and this is the most pristine part of the Ohio River I've yet to see. Closer to home the river is rather industrial looking.

Now I've done a considerable amount of crafting this weekend as well, for the YMCA Make-N-Take and Family craft class. I promise, I'll share either later today or tomorrow. Meanwhile, think about the fun we'll have when you come and visit me!