Friday, April 24, 2009

"All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another."

Anatole France

Hubby sent me that saying via email today. It helped me put things in perspective, so I am thankful he dug it up and sent it to me. That and spending the day with Janie, really lifted my spirits!

How true that saying is. As I wind things down here in Florida I am mourning those I am leaving behind as if they had died. Enough already! These are modern times, aren't they? I can drive back, fly back and what's more, my son is down here and we still own a home down here! I am far from done with Florida and I refuse to relinquish the ties that bind me to my friends! Plus, I am a very lucky woman. In addition to the friends I leave behind I have friends where I am going; some old, some new, all precious.

Yes indeed, I am a lucky woman!

(The picture above was taken at the Hilltop Crop in Ruskin, FL last month.)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Everything is Moving So Fast

Everything is moving so fast now and the truth is I'm having a very hard time keeping up. Part of that is just the sheer enormity of what is happening and the rest I'll admit is emotional. It's not easy being me, LOL! Sorry, for some reason the words to that song just blared across my conciousness. Truth is it isn't easy saying goodbye again.

I spent half a day today trying to sort out hubby's meds and the other half with SAM people and movers and trying to untwist a family problem. So much fun my sides are hurting! I did clean up my blog a little (changed my blog links) and read a few entries! Kenda, when I read your latest entry my heart nearly stopped! You know that I will continue to keep Nick and his mates in my prayers! Hopefully he will be home safe and sound soon! Marie-Laurence, thanks for understanding why I needed to postpone things today!

I've decided to post one of the projects I worked on recently. Remember you can click on the pictures to make them bigger. Hopefully my friend Janie will send me some of the pictures she took of another project I worked on so that I can share some of it too! I used parts of a black, brown and beige Bo Bunny chipboard books. their paper, rhinestones I got at JoAnns in the jewelry section, Kaiser flowers and wouldn't you know it, Bazzill cardstock.
Fiskar is represented in the punches I used for some of the edging I did. Sorry I had a little problem with the pictures and the color isn't quite right.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Construction - Week 6

Is it really week six already? I am so hoping that I get a definite closing date from Drees Homes soon! As you can see I got new pictures! And yes, what can I say, I begged again. I was in withdrawal and needed pictures! I know Ginger is busy so I try to keep my whining to eight day intervals, LOL! Apparently it has rained a lot and so there is not so much going on. They have been finishing up drywall and exterior trim and as you can see, the driveway and walkway are in. I'm not sure, but it looks like they are waiting to put in the walkway that will go all the way down to the back double door in the basement. Ginger, you are a doll! You know how much these mean to me. You never told me though, how is your move going?

So many things have happened since my last post, most of it to do with the move of course. I can't wait for the move to be over or to be moving into the new house, yet I could wait forever to leave my son and friends behind. Some things are more fun than others to talk about so here goes.

I did get to go to a Hilltop Crop in Ruskin last Saturday and had a lot of fun despite the fact that I got so many phone calls from movers and had to leave for a couple of hours to meet my son who needed to pick up my cat Nuku. It was good to be able to work on the baby book for the next little nephew to grace our lives. I'm really trying hard to make sure that I have as much done as possible so that once he is born and I am in Kentucky having fun unpacking, I'll be able to put the finishing touches to the album quickly and get it into his parent's hands in Alaska ASAP! After all it has calendar pages to track every day of the first year of his life! They can hardly do that if they don't have the book!

I must admit that I was hoping that Britten could join me and Sharon in Ruskin again, but unfortunately it wasn't to be. Britten is the mother of twin toddlers and I know she is kept very busy! Britten if you read this, Sharon, Alicia and I will be going to the crop in Sarasota this Saturday! Can you sneak out? I also missed having Summer there. Summer and her family were blessed with the return of her husband from serving overseas. Summer I am glad that he is home safe and sad that you now live far away! Please thank your husband for his service!

Monday POD or rather SAM number 3 was filled and will be picked up tomorrow. I believe that the last time the garage was this empty was 3 years ago. I'm still working on the best possible solution for the remaining furniture! A couple of companies are sending people over tomorrow and Thursday to give me estimates.

The house is for rent and I sure hope someone visits and falls in love with it soon!

Janie took me out for lunch today as a belated Birthday gift. Over the last few weeks one or the other of us was always out of town or just getting back or getting ready to leave! Thanks Janie! Spending time with you today was just what I needed!