Thursday, April 16, 2009

Phew, It's all Done

I m happy to say that I beat the tax deadline by hours and that our house is now on the MLS for rent. I hope that we will find a renter soon, even if it is one that won't move in till June as at least I'll have a final date for moving out of here. The house has been made available as of 1 May, which would suit me just fine as I could see the final stages of the construction of the new house!

I've put together a slide show of the rental. Remember if you find an acceptable renter before anyone else does, I'll pay you a nice bonus! I'm still cleaning, things like windows, but I am looking forward to a crop this Saturday in Ruskin and next Saturday in Sarasota. I wish Janie could go and all my other scrapbook buddies, as there are so few opportunities left to see them all! But maybe I'll get to see a few of them, before it's time to go!

Next Monday we will be filling the 3rd Sam. Most of the stuff for that one is already packed and waiting in the garage! Another big workday ahead!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Made it Back Safely

Despite the really bad weather between Macon, GA and Lake City, FL I managed to make it home safely. It is a little weird to be on the road and hear about the tornado warnings just west and south of you and the bad storm you just missed north of you. Especially when you are traveling south and are worried that the storm might be traveling east! It was a long trip and I was glad to see it end.

April 15th is tax day so guess what I'll be doing for the next two days. Have you guessed yet? No it's not that! Yup, you got it. I'm working on the taxes! I sure am hoping for a refund!

BTW did you guys notice there is a new blog winner??

What a thrill!

I was going to post more pictures, but I am still a little mac disabled or is that unable, and could not figure out how to upload a much larger slide show I created in photoshop to my website. So I've created a show with "slide" and this time, no music. I've now also redone the last slide show and taken off the music. Once it's cute, everytime, NOT! This slide show gives you a better idea of the relationship of the house to the neighborhood as well as the craft room and the drywall and brick work. I've worked on this waiting for a wind advisory to go down. I am just south of Macon and need to get out of the hotel and make it home, but after getting a comment this morning, I wanted to make sure that my friends had their dose of pictures, right Sharon?

The house is so amazing that I'm almost without words. You see I took a standard house and customized it quite a bit. I added 2 feet of depth to the craftroom, family room and 2nd owner's suite and vaulted the ceiling in that suite. Also, as a tribute to my 6ft2 husband, I did 9 ft rather than 8 ft ceilings on the main floor. And boy does all of that have an amazing effect on the house.

I got to see them do a lot of the brink work on the outside and was amazed that they dry-walled the whole first floor and most of the second floor in one work day. I am sure that as we speak, they have finished or nearly finished drywalling the whole house! I left yesterday morning and drove down to one of my favorite stopping places, Warner Robbins, GA. Not very far off from I-75 if has all the eateries and hotels and shopping you could want on a stop, including... wait for it... a Hobby Lobby!

Anyhow, it looks like I'm going to have to drive through bad weather this morning, I just heard thunder, so I guess i'd better get dressed and on my way! Talk to you all soon!