Thursday, April 16, 2009

Phew, It's all Done

I m happy to say that I beat the tax deadline by hours and that our house is now on the MLS for rent. I hope that we will find a renter soon, even if it is one that won't move in till June as at least I'll have a final date for moving out of here. The house has been made available as of 1 May, which would suit me just fine as I could see the final stages of the construction of the new house!

I've put together a slide show of the rental. Remember if you find an acceptable renter before anyone else does, I'll pay you a nice bonus! I'm still cleaning, things like windows, but I am looking forward to a crop this Saturday in Ruskin and next Saturday in Sarasota. I wish Janie could go and all my other scrapbook buddies, as there are so few opportunities left to see them all! But maybe I'll get to see a few of them, before it's time to go!

Next Monday we will be filling the 3rd Sam. Most of the stuff for that one is already packed and waiting in the garage! Another big workday ahead!


CathyR said...

Good luck with renting your place in Florida.

Have fun at your crops.

Scraplin said...

Your house in Tampa is beautiful! Are you keeping the furniture in it or are you going to buy new for the new house? Glad you made it home from your trip okay.

Monkey Girl said...

Love the pictures of your house. I hope you are able to rent it out. Hope you have fun at the crops. Tomorrow we are cleaning up a beach and next Saturday we are taking Ally to Sarasota Jungle Gardens while Abby goes with the grandparents to a carnival baseball game.