Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Woo Hoo! Things are looking up!

Wow! I can't believe it, my passport came in this morning! That is so awesome, Thomas at passport Canada got the pictures on Monday. That means that he got the passport printed and back into my hands in two days! WooHoo Thomas, I know you won't be reading this, but you rock!!!

So now I'm going to have to pack, yeah, and get myself on a plane on Sunday! I can't wait to see Keshia, we had a great time when she visited here and I'm dying to see her store and talk about her future plans! I have a class and crop on Saturday, so I'm going to be pretty tired on Sunday, but I'll just try to rest while on the plane!

Good news too on the CKC Ft Lauderdale front, they have finally responded and let me know that it is OK for me to cancel my booth! With all the changes I just could not justify doing it this year. Who knows what I'll be doing next year, but hopefully I'll be enjoying life and keeping up with the costs of my scrapbook habit!
I'm going to post a challenge for everyone in my next post. Remember, there is still a nice prize going out to someone at the end of the month for their posts and on December 15th, there will be a grand prize winner... stay tuned!

I leave you with a picture of Savannah post op! Doesn't she look good! Right now they are on a major fund drive as Savvy's COTA fund went down to zero! With all the treatments, meds and trips she still has to take to the two different hospitals that are part of her treatment team, in St Petersburg, Fl and in Philadelphia, PA, we really need to continue to support thisd family. Finally, as they say, don't take your organs up to heaven, heaven knows we need them here!
Love ya Savvy!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Need your input!

I'm still waiting for the final outcome of the passport. It should be printed and shipped out today and I should get the tracking number tomorrow which will tell me what I'm doing this Sunday till the 20th.

But here is what I need your comments on! I was offered the job at our Jo Ann's etc in our area as the papercraft (scrapbook/card) instructor. It's a pretty restrictive job in the creative sense, there is a lesson plan to follow, the people are told generically what to purchase, 1 12x12 printed paper, 2 pieces of cardstock etc. They then come to a class where they use their own supplies to learn the basics. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around that. I guess I just make a few samples using similar supplies and let them play...

As you know, I also teach at an LSS and at my house and love the creative outlet of doing that. The questions is, should I take the job at JAs? I have to give the lady an answer tomorrow and I just can't make up my mind. I get to pick the dates and times where I will teach. For example I would have to give her my August hours this week. I just don't know if I'm cut out for working under those conditions. Then again, I love a challenge and I love getting to know people. Your comments are most welcome, appreciated and yearned for!

What's a blog without a picture? So here is one from my archives... my beautiful, cuddly Radar says hello to all of you he has met and shedded on and offers a friendly paw to those he has yet to share his fur with!