Saturday, May 22, 2010

Win One or More May Giveaway Entries!

I think that charity scrapbook events are the bees knees! (whatever that means, lol) I attend them whenever I can, I gift things for their goody bags and door prizes, I try to encourage others to attend via my blog, websites, postings and through the Charity Scrapbook Buddies blog on Facebook!

With that in mind, I promised that I'd give you all another chance to win an additional entry into the May giveaway. With only a few days left to the June 1st drawing, here is what you need to do to add one or more entries. In addition to following the basic steps to enter the May giveaway of the Independence Cricut cartridge, which you can find here, if you haven't already done so, please join the Charity Scrapbook Buddies group on FB for an additional entry into the draw. Once you have joined, or if you are already a member, please post back here that you are a member. Get someone else to join and get them to post here that you refered them, and I'll give you another entry! In addition, if a Charity Scrapbook buddy is the winner of May giveaway random drawing, I'll add a little something to their prize!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

In the Spirit of Friendship - Meet Sue Neal

One of the things I like to do on this blog is to introduce my friendly readers to exceptional people. Sue fits that bill perfectly! She is a wife of 28 years, a mom and a career woman who is fearless and is likely to try just about! If you want to see one of the reasons I'm growing to love this woman, you need to view this video!

Most of you may have heard of Sue, who has been active in the scrapbook/card making industry for a while now.  Sue and I recently met online and discovered we had a few things in common. We have our roots in the same neck of the woods, la Belle Province, and both love paper crafting! We also seem to share the same cooky sense of humor! Funnier still, she recently spoke of her favorite meal and it totally mirrored mine! Gotta love that Bearnaise sauce, right Sue? One of her favorite places to visit is Belgium, the land of my ancestors, parents, grandparents and even my sister were born there! One more coincidence?  A bunch of friends of mine are going to Utah for a visit in June.  I was supposed to go, but can't.  They are all scrapbook fanatics.  Yesterday I found out that they were going to have a class given guessed it...Sue! Now I doubly wish I could go, but it just isn't in our budget this year!

Now go on, visit her blog... I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My May ATC Exchange with Janie

In December, my friend Janie and I decided that instead of giving each other Christmas presents, we would exchange ATC cards every month!  Which reminds me that June is almost around the corner!  I wanted to share my May ATC card, because it is my favorite so far.  One of my goals this year has been to use my stamps and ink pads more!  Here is a picture of everything I used to make the front of the card. I added the friend paper clip after the fact, so it isn't in the picture!

Now here is a picture of the finished front of the card! I  first used the lime green all over the card, then added the tan to the bottom and two shades of blue to the top part,  The stamp and butterfly embosing die cut is from SU.