Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Challenges

Have you ever wondered why it is that we have turned Christmas (the Holiday Season) into the world's most stressful time of year? I wonder sometimes what the ratio is between the fun days and the stressed out days, especially for the ones in the family that plan the trips, make the purchases, do the wrapping, plan the menus and get the house ready!

It's been a few years since I've put up a tree, mainly because there is no one really to see it or to care and it seems like a whole lot of work for not much reason.  I do a minimal amount of decoration, hang the stockings and that is that! I actually love figuring what to get people, and for the most part, although my brother-in-law and I are the ones that push the hardest for wish lists, I'm usually the one that doesn't buy from theirs!  Call me the Christmas rebel, LOL!

So do tell, how special is Christmas or are the Holidays for you! How much do you decorate? How many people will surround you during the holidays! What is your biggest wish for the holidays? And no, you can't say world peace; we all want world peace!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas/December Giveaways Drawing

Congratulations to the winner of my 100 blog subscribers prize, Janie in Florida!  If you're wondering why I'm so surprised it's because we are great friends and It is just a total shock that she would come out the winner out of the 100+comments that were in the box! I mispoke in the video.  Like everyone else, Janie has one week to contact me about her win, after which it will be pooled into my next big giveaway!

As for the Grand Prize winner, she is mammascrapper69.  Mamascrapper69 also has one week to contact me. Please also let me know which prize you want, the Cricut cartridges package or the Paper package. I'll also need your snail mail address.

Congratulations to both winners and as for the rest of you... the fun isn't quite over yet! Lets just see what happens over the next couple of days!

Christmas Giveaway is Now Closed!

Thanks to everyone who participated! I'll be taping the drawing in the next few minutes and uploading it first to my YouTube channel and then here! iM so excited to see who wins!!!

Christmas Card and Last Call for the Christmas Giveaway!

I made this card for the aunt of a friend of mine who loves cardinals. I used Distress Inks and a glossy cardinal sticker as well as the Winter Doves stapm from Stacey Stamps. I cleaned off the ink from the doves before actually stamping the image!

Also just a reminder that I'll be drawing the winner for my giveaway today (Dec 15th) at 9pm eastern!  I hope to get the goodies out before the weekend.  I'd say tomorrow, but as luck would have it we are expecting another storm, so it might be a couple of days before I can get to the post office! Good luck to one and all.  Remember, it was not enough to subscribe/follow my blog/YT channel, you also had to comment!

Good luck to one and all!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Coupons for the Week of December 13 to 20, 2010

Click here for your AC Moore coupons! The weekly coupon is 50% off again!

If you haven't used this coupon yet, do so by the 15th. It has been up for a couple of weeks now.

Here is the main link that will get you to the weekly ad, 40% off coupon and everything HL you need! BTW, the Cinch tool and accessories and Cricut catridges and accessories are on sale this week at 30% off.

I didn't receive any new coupons via email.

Michael's coupons, and there are quite a few are right here. There is a 50% off one regular item that expires tomorrow (Monday the 13th).!

Be careful out there!

Additional Christmas Giveaway to Celebrate my 100th Blog Subscriber!!

I am so blessed! So I want to share a few more goodies with you, my blog subscribers!  This second package will be open to my blog subscribers only and will be based on your comments! Because I am a funny lady, I will draw the second prize first from just my bog buddies. I will then add the YouTube commenters and the winner of the 2nd prize and draw for the first prize.  Both winners will have to contact me with their snail mail address within a week.  In addition, the winner of the first prize will have to tell me which prize package they want!.
There are only 3 days left to comment.  Bear in mind that you must be a subscriber to win, but that you get extra chances for each comment, for reposting my giveaway to your blog, facebook page, on a forum or  for tweeting about it! Oh and BTW, the tags are not included in the prize packages!

Good luck!