Thursday, November 03, 2011

Well there is no doubt that Fall is now in full swing! Tomorrow my best bud from Florida gets here and we have quite the agenda! I'm pretty sure that my husband thinks Queen Elizabeth is coming!  I've cleaned the house, the car, the craft room and cooked a few different meals so that we can have things on hand to eat.  Yes my friends, don't pass out, I cooked, I really, really cooked, from scratch!  Right now my son is wishing he were here to savor my famous beef stew! I've also made pineapple chicken tenders and I'm in the process of slow cooking a crockpot full of Italian Vegetable soup with a fall twist! Yummies!

After a few days spent showing Janie where I live and shop,and introducing her to my bestest Ohio buddy, Charlene, Janie and I are off to Ohio Amish country for a couple of days followed by 5 nights in Morris Pennsylvania. Our poor husbands are being left behind in their respective homes to fend for themselves, haha! I'm sure they will be just fine!

The Link Hill Inn is the setting for Jen's Peck's Hello Autumn Scrapbook Retreat. Jen is a friend from Florida who like me has migrated north over the last few years. It will be nice to see her again and enjoy a few relatively quiet, stress free days with her, Janie and a few of Jen's other friends! Here is the link to Jen's blog... careful she has her music in the on position, so if the little ones are sleeping you might want to lower the volume on your computer before heading over!

I'm not sure what we will do on our way back from PA, it will depend on how tired we are and weather conditions, but I'm certain that Janie and I will have a great time! What I don't know yet is if we will have internet or even cell phone access.  This really is a tucked away Inn!

Time to go and stir the pots!

Christmas Layouts with a mini album tucked in!

Here is my Christmas Layout Kit. I used Echo Park's Seasons Greetings collection, including their 3D Chipboard set as well as Cordinations paper,a gold pen, some ribbon. As usual, these are still in the making, especially the first page... I can't show you everything now, can I, LOL!  The mini is still a bit of a secret, you'll see where it will be tucked in for easy access. The uncut kit is $26 and the class kit with all the cut pieces is $35.