Friday, March 06, 2009

They Broke Ground!

Yesterday I got a call from Ginger, the lady who sold me my future house in Kentucky and someone I've become friends with. Ginger had just come back from a vacation in Florida, during a cold snap, poor gal! She also informed me that they had broken ground on our future property and were excavating! Oh my gosh, they will be pouring the foundations next week! Woohoo!!!

I am so happy to know that construction has begun! Of course this isn't Extreme Makeover: Home Edition so there will be many, many weeks of waiting and no one is sending me to Hawaii. But to me this it is an exciting adventure! I've been told that the builder has 90 days to complete the construction phase to earn their bonus. After the construction phase there are a few weeks of inspections and then the closing! The only problem is that the last few weeks of live here in my Riverview home have not been condusive to me getting a whole lot done and I need a kick in the errrr... pants (with me in them) so I'm going to ask some of my friends to come over for a M-C "stimulous" party. And no, just like the stimulous bill that was recently signed into law in the US, neither myself nor anyone else will see a nickel! HaHa!

For you scrapbookers out there, today was the start of the Tampa Bay Scrapbook Treasure Hunt. Janie and I thought it started tomorrow, but when we went to pick up our bags, we were surprised to see people in the store and doing make and takes and lots of piraty spirit, Arrrrrgh!
So we did the make and take, spent our $5 minimum and were on our way to the next store! You can find out more about the Treasure Hunt here.

One more thing, did no one notice that I announced the January/February winner a few days ago? The winner's name is posted on the right hand side of the blog and she only has a short while left to email me. So just maybe a little birdie out there will whisper something in her ear?

Oh and don't forget! If you observe Daylight Saving Time, tomorrow as in tonight before you go to bed is the time to move your clocks ahead one hour. Have a great weekend!