Saturday, July 21, 2012

My July Layout Class Layouts

In the shrinking scrapbooking industry it is nice to have a new company start up. Carta Bella Paper company  released it's first collection, "Beautiful Moments" earlier this year and I ordered it the first day it became available.  A sister company to Echo Park, another of my favorites for class kits, it's collection kits come with beautiful paper as well as a couple of sticker sheets that include alphabets as well as more traditional embellishment stickers. 

As usual my class consisted of 6 different pages, each page can stand on its own or be part of a two page layout. By now you know that I don't put pictures on my class samples and that my students like pages that can hold more than one picture.  I hope you like them!

Friday, July 20, 2012

So Much to Share!

There is so much I need to share since my last posts that it will take me a few posts over a few days! But first I thought I'd share the highlights! Give you a preview of sorts!

My baby is a married man!!!! And as you can see, his bride is the most stunning of women!  I am so proud of them both!  They did such a great job making their ceremony special, beautiful and memorable!  Love them both!

I finished all the projects I had for my son's wedding!  They included:

  •  The Gift Bags
    • finding the gift bags
    • painting the polka dots
    • making the tags
    • making the photo/video request cards
    • getting some of the items for the bags
    • attaching the tags and filling the bags

  • Putting the Wedding Photo Booth Together. 
    • Finding the right software
    • selecting the web cam
    • finding the right printer
    • making it all work together
    • props
    • creating the instructions
    • creating the booth photo book
    • finding the page holders
I also prepared for my layout classes
  • July Class Layouts (held today)
  • August Class Layouts (August 24th 6pm)
Created a card or two

And of course, I drove down to Florida for the wedding, met Ashley's parents, hung out with my son Shaun, attended the rehearsal and the wedding where I also set up the photo booth, spent some time with my friend Janie before and after the wedding and drove back home! It has been a busy time!