Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Coupons! End of March Beginning of April

Well here are a few new coupons for your enjoyment andsavings pleasure! In some cases it is easier to give you the link!




Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Are you still looking for your "Craft Store Coupons"?

If you are still looking for your coupons for this week, here they are!  I always lose mine, plus there are people that don't get their Archiver coupons and that I forward to them.  Posting them here is just as easy for me and will allow me to find the coupons when I need them, LOL!  Not promising that I'll be faster than your email, just that you'll find them here, whenever I've got them to post!

I love comments and followers, who doesn't? So please do let me know if you've used these and find this useful   The April blog prize winner will be awarded at random to one of my followers, who has left a comment sometime during the month! Enjoy!

BTw, given that I'm somewhat consumer savvy, let me say here that I am not responsible for any coupon that is refused by a store.  I've done my best to give you the latest, but sometimes strange things happen.  I am definitely not responsible for any strange things, LOL!