Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things I've done Recently

I think it's about time I went to Disney again. Would you believe I live this close to Disney World and I haven't been since 1998? That really is silly! I went to Disney more often when I lived in Montreal!

Anyhow the picture shows the front of a mini album that I designed from scratch, cutting the chipboard and painting it and glittering it and coating it and zuttering it and adding ribbons. We are hoping to get it done a little later this year or early in 2009. If you would like, you can click on it to see a much larger version.

Back on the subject of scrapbooks, I've also changed the look of my in home scrapbook display for when people come over to crop. I've refurbished 5 bookshelves using pegboard that I bought and had cut to size at Lowes. I attached the pegboard which is much more solid than the original backboards used to the backs of the bookshelsves. I then used 2nd hand 12x12 trays that I got from a friend and put as many as I could bellow the fixed bookshelf. The most I was able to put in is 28. If you want some trays please just get in touch with me.