Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time for an Update!

I guess when you are living in a dorm room with your hubby, life or is that time, can get kind of warped. Back to teenager mode we have slid to getting up at 11am and driving around doing errands (school is out after all) followed by dinner out , some TV , after all one cannot miss season finales, then more watching on to catch up on shows that were missed and then back to sleep.

I have done a fair bit of scrapbooking and card making while watching the tube. Personal thoughts mainly of the area and Kentucky in general. Every day I go and visit the house and look for what is new, which is pretty exciting given that the finishing touches are where it's at right now. They are leveling the yard and soon they will do the final painting on the garage doors, columns and front door, the last having yet to be installed. Everyone who has seen the house loves it, thankfully that includes Hubby who never saw it until two weeks ago.

Thankfully we have rented our house in Florida starting June 1st, so I am back on the road early this coming week to go and make the final preparations for the move. I've got to contact all the utilities and get them stopped and I have some final packing to do before the movers come in. Then back to Kentucky to make the same calls to have everything ready to go on move in day!

Hubby says that the stint in the dorm room is God's way to make us feel really happy to move into the house. Frankly I didn't need to do that to enjoy the new house, but I totally agree that having had to sleep next to an airplane size fan, think very, very loud, with dumpster pick up 15 feet from your window at 3am, and tractors doing grass cutting under said window at 6:15 will no doubt enhance the experience of the house's more serene surroundings! Our bedroom window is the one on the corner closest to the fan on the bottom floor! So I guess you can see why the light sleeper that I am feels totally exhausted and is looking forward to sleeping in a nice quiet house in Florida for a few days and looking forward to moving into the new house on June 16th!