Thursday, June 05, 2008

What are the Odds?

If you can't stand to hear more about my passport saga, it's time to click and go to another blog now! First let me just say that there is this awesome person called Thomas at Passport Canada that is trying really hard to make it all happen. He has been calling everyday for the last four days and is even checking the tracking of the pictures. Thank you so much Thomas, you make me believe in the goodness of Canadian civil servants!

As you may know, Passport Canada (PC) rejected the first two pictures I have sent them. Both were taken by Walgreens who need I say it takes thousands if not hundreds of thousands of passport pictures each year. Can you imagine that they messed mine up twice? OK, so Monday I get the letter from PC saying that the picture in't any good. Tuesday I get the new picture taken at Ritz Camera and yesterday by 9:30 am, they are in the hands of Fedex for an overnight trip to Gatineau, Quebec, just across the river from Ottawa. I am told that they will be delivered in the AM and I have no reason to believe they won't given that everything went exactly as planned the last time that I fedexed pictures to the same address.

Well rather than being in the hands of PC by 10am, today, the passport photos made it to Memphis, TN at sometime past 11am today. Unbelievable... is it that I am not supposed to go to Nassau? I am told that Fedex had problems flying into Memphis last night. Really? Must have been their plane! Do you know that it is cheaper to Fedex a letter in their envelope overnight than in something else using 2nd day delivery? Hmmm.... the things you learn!

Anyhow, the waiting continues. Fedex Memphis got a message from Fedex national asking to expedite. Memphis called to tell me that they would make sure that Fedex Ottawa knew to expedite the delivery in the morning and hopefully Thomas will be able to dig it out from the rest of the requests in pelenty of time to get me on a plane on the 15th.

What an unbelievable saga, wouldn't you say? Well tomorrow I get my van back and turn in the car and have my the crop at my house at 6pm. Saturday, since my class has been postponed, I am going to an all day crop and Sunday? I'm spending in bed, LOL!

Hope you all have a great day!