Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You know you aren't in Tampa when...

You know you are no longer in the Tampa Bay area when you have wild turkeys and deers in your back yard! Yup, that was actually taken from our family room window! There are 4 turkeys. Last time they were out with their poults (baby turkeys) but this time they must have left them in the nest or something! They are getting plumper from week to week. Hubby tells me that is what they are supposed to do during the summer, which makes me want to ask the obvious. What happens to them in err...November? You know, that's turkey time in the USA and well these are turkeys. Well, I'll keep an eye out through the months and report back. By the way, I did think to give them names, but, well I can't seem to tell them apart, so what good would that do?

I put in a new order for those Ranger pens this week, I wanted 6 more for myself. If you placed an order, you should get your pens sometime next week! I ordered extras so email me if you want some, the price is definitely interesting as it is my special of the month! Now back to my craft room... I wants to play!