Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Another Class and Ramblings

Usually I start by writing in my blog and then I choose the pictures. For the fun of it today, I decided to start with pictures and then write about them and then pick a title. The pictures are of a 6"x12" 22 page book that I am doing as a class at Scraptopia on the 27th. The covers are made of raw Prima embossed chipboard that I cut in half and then painted with different layers and types of paint amontst other things. This picture was taken before I added the ribbons and handed the project over to be displayed in the store.

The secong picture actually whose 4 usable pages, since there is an acrylic sheet in there embelished with stickles. I really had a lot of fun making this and I do hope that I get a few more people in my class. I'm supposed to go to Nassau from the 17th till the 21st, but I haven't heard from Keshia since the hurricanes went through there and I am more than a little worried about her. I hope that all is well at her end!

A few weeks ago I had a sleep study done and being a very light sleeper I was sure that I would never be able to sleep with all the electrodes and tape and other bothersome things that they hook up on you. Surprisingly I fell asleep almost right away and had a typical night. Meaning that I woke up about 15 minuts after falling asleep and roughly another 4 or 5 times after that that I was aware of. I think that the reason I was able to falla sleep is that the room was big and airy and I had a nice comfy queen size bed to speel on as you can see in the picture and that there is so much stuff hooked up to you that you are on sensory overload and your mind just wants to shut it all out! I was told that there were anomalies, but seeing as I was going on a crusie, tomorrow is when I will finally get the results of both the CAT scan and the sleep study! I would give a lot for blissful, uninterupted and refreshing sleep, so here is hoping that they can/will do something to help with that!

Monday, September 08, 2008

The Winning August Commentator is...

As the sun was setting it dawned on me! Oh my gosh I forgot to post the August winner!!!! So here it is the winner is.... drum roll please....

Kenda!!!!! You have won!!! What you have won is a surprise so you'll just have to wait till you get it. I have appointments for the next 3 days, but I hope that I can put something in the mail to you sometime this week! I'll let you tell the nice people who visit this blog what you've won when you get it! Congrats!

For the record, I will be changing the nature of how people become eligible to "win a prize" starting in January. But meanwhile, keep your comments coming. It only takes one comment to win, but the more comments you put in the more likely you are to win and your name will be entered to win the grand commentator prize as many times as you have commented since the blog began. The prize will be a wonderful present and sent out to the grand prize winner just in time for Christmas!!! Won't that be fun!!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cruising with Gustav

We had a great cruise! The weather from our departure from Tampa until the following Saturday was hot and sunny! Rick unfortunately had to work for the first few days, but I met people, went ashore, took pictures, scrapbooked my favorites, and journalled my experience.

As you can see above, we did encounter the bands from Gustav on our return trip. In fact as soon as the ship left Cozumel the Friday around 5:30 pm, the engines went up to 18 and then 23 knots. That is awfully fast especially during the dinner hour. It was obvious that we were speeding to outrun Hurricane Gustav. The pictures above were taken on Saturday evening. The seas were choppy and there were some significant wind gusts.

Obviously, I enjoyed them, though I must tell you that I was unaware that Rick was taking continuous pictures. I was waiting for him to take a picture and wondering why he was taking so long. I hope that the people that are cruising this week are kept as safe as we were by our Captain.

Oh and since I said I would share, here are some pictures of Cozumel.