Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cruising with Gustav

We had a great cruise! The weather from our departure from Tampa until the following Saturday was hot and sunny! Rick unfortunately had to work for the first few days, but I met people, went ashore, took pictures, scrapbooked my favorites, and journalled my experience.

As you can see above, we did encounter the bands from Gustav on our return trip. In fact as soon as the ship left Cozumel the Friday around 5:30 pm, the engines went up to 18 and then 23 knots. That is awfully fast especially during the dinner hour. It was obvious that we were speeding to outrun Hurricane Gustav. The pictures above were taken on Saturday evening. The seas were choppy and there were some significant wind gusts.

Obviously, I enjoyed them, though I must tell you that I was unaware that Rick was taking continuous pictures. I was waiting for him to take a picture and wondering why he was taking so long. I hope that the people that are cruising this week are kept as safe as we were by our Captain.

Oh and since I said I would share, here are some pictures of Cozumel.


CathyR said...

Love the pictures. I'm glad you made it home safely. I hope there are no hurricanes when we take our cruise at the end of the month.

Lynne said...

Oh M-C those pictures are just precious!

Scraplin said...

Glad you had a great time on your cruise! I have to say that I love the 'windblown' look...LOL I imagine it would have been a little nerve wracking to know your ship was outrunning a hurricane! wow!

Sandy M said...

Great views. Can't wait until I can stand there and get my photo taken. I so much wanted to show DD the photos and tell her "just look at where we will be next March" but I have to wait until November 7th to tell her.
I don't know which I'm more excited about, telling her or the actual trip.
Glad you had a great time and thanks for the photos.


Anonymous said...

one of the advantages of having long hair is that it is so much fun to se it swirling in gusts of look like a kid -and that's a good thing

ta ta