Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Another Class and Ramblings

Usually I start by writing in my blog and then I choose the pictures. For the fun of it today, I decided to start with pictures and then write about them and then pick a title. The pictures are of a 6"x12" 22 page book that I am doing as a class at Scraptopia on the 27th. The covers are made of raw Prima embossed chipboard that I cut in half and then painted with different layers and types of paint amontst other things. This picture was taken before I added the ribbons and handed the project over to be displayed in the store.

The secong picture actually whose 4 usable pages, since there is an acrylic sheet in there embelished with stickles. I really had a lot of fun making this and I do hope that I get a few more people in my class. I'm supposed to go to Nassau from the 17th till the 21st, but I haven't heard from Keshia since the hurricanes went through there and I am more than a little worried about her. I hope that all is well at her end!

A few weeks ago I had a sleep study done and being a very light sleeper I was sure that I would never be able to sleep with all the electrodes and tape and other bothersome things that they hook up on you. Surprisingly I fell asleep almost right away and had a typical night. Meaning that I woke up about 15 minuts after falling asleep and roughly another 4 or 5 times after that that I was aware of. I think that the reason I was able to falla sleep is that the room was big and airy and I had a nice comfy queen size bed to speel on as you can see in the picture and that there is so much stuff hooked up to you that you are on sensory overload and your mind just wants to shut it all out! I was told that there were anomalies, but seeing as I was going on a crusie, tomorrow is when I will finally get the results of both the CAT scan and the sleep study! I would give a lot for blissful, uninterupted and refreshing sleep, so here is hoping that they can/will do something to help with that!


CathyR said...

Awesome looking book for the class.

I hope they will be able to help you get a good nights sleep. I have an alarm cat that insists on waking me at 4:00 am and 6:00 am so I know what it is like to run on little sleep.

Lynne said...

The album is beautiful. As for sleep I would love a night of uninterupted sleep too. I did a sleep apnea test. I was all wired up and I couldn't sleep worth c**p that night. They were still able to tell that I didn't have sleep apnea some how.

Kenda said...

Here's hoping that they can do something for you!!! I know that I sleep so good with my CPAP machine. I just thought I had been sleeping okay all those years.

The album is beautiful!! I would love to take your class.

Scraplin said...

Your work is so beautiful M-C!