Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wedding Book Video

I wanted to show you the video of the wedding book since I think it shows better than the pictures the dimensions and the glitter of the paper I used. I love the paper.  The price point is slightly higher, but there is so much more to this Best Creations line, that I thought it was worth it.  In the interest of full disclosure, I haven't met the people at Best Creations, but Pat has and they are giving us our passes to CHA. I had bought their paper and used it prior to meeting Pat, so you know that I honestly love it.  In a previous post, I showed you the little book that I had made for Jessie using the same paper. Let me know what you think! Oh I wanted to say that the dog in the album isn't a collie but a sheltie. Not a difficult mistake to make when you have no way to gage the size since they definitely have a similar look! Best Creation paper is available online at A Cherry On Top, my favorite online store.  I've provided a link to their store in the left side column of my blog!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I promised some people that I would keep on posting any Archivers coupons, so here they are:

 There are  new 40% off a single item and 60% off framing coupons for AC Moore good until the 17th.

Archivers has a new ad and a new 30% off coupon good only until July 14th! In fact I'm about to print mine out!

HL has a new ad and a new ad and a 30% off coupon on Artist Books.

Last weeks coupons is still good until the 17th.