Monday, November 15, 2010

Coupons Good till November 20th, 2010

Hi everyone!  The days are going by so fast that I'm late again!  The only big news I have for you this week is that Archiver's is now selling online!  The link is below!


Click here for this week's 50% off coupon, good till Saturday! This week's ad is here!

No new emailed coupons this week. But here is the link to the latest ad I got. Did you know that you can now shop Archivers online?  Here is the announcement I got.  Go here to shop online!

HL has a 40% off coupon this week good until Saturday. Their ad is definitely worth a look too. Amongst other things, 50% lots of scrapbook items!

OK, the cashier at JoAnn's told me that you get either the emails or the flyers.  Anyone out there get both?  I find that a little hard to believe, but then again, no matter how often I've tried, I can't get them to send me the emails!!! Wahhh!
Michael's has a 40% off one regular item coupon that is good till Saturday the 20th.
Have fun shoipping!