Monday, November 15, 2010

Coupons Good till November 20th, 2010

Hi everyone!  The days are going by so fast that I'm late again!  The only big news I have for you this week is that Archiver's is now selling online!  The link is below!


Click here for this week's 50% off coupon, good till Saturday! This week's ad is here!

No new emailed coupons this week. But here is the link to the latest ad I got. Did you know that you can now shop Archivers online?  Here is the announcement I got.  Go here to shop online!

HL has a 40% off coupon this week good until Saturday. Their ad is definitely worth a look too. Amongst other things, 50% lots of scrapbook items!

OK, the cashier at JoAnn's told me that you get either the emails or the flyers.  Anyone out there get both?  I find that a little hard to believe, but then again, no matter how often I've tried, I can't get them to send me the emails!!! Wahhh!
Michael's has a 40% off one regular item coupon that is good till Saturday the 20th.
Have fun shoipping!


Carole RB said...


Teela said...

Yippee about Archiver's being online ... I love that store in Colo. Springs where my sis lives. M-C she is following your blog now and left comment for Nov. drawing...yeah...I know she's enjoy the coupons as well as I do!

Sandy said...

Did you see where Michaels is going to have the Gypsy for 99.99 the day after Thanksgiving?

M-C said...

Thank goodness I already have a Gypsy! Can you imagine the chaos! By the way don't forget to enter the blog candy contest! Random dot org will be used to select the winner! The giveaway post is bellow!

Teela said...

M-C, do you know who honors whose coupons? Like is it Joann's or Hobby Lobby that does not accept any one's but theirs? And do other places honor AC Moore cause we don't have one of those close. Thanks~

M-C said...

I do know that JoAnn's will accept Michaels coupons but only for things that they sell in common. I'd have to check on others. It is my belief that the stores have to be in direct competition to honor competitors coupons, so it is unlikely that you will be allowed to use an AC Moore coupon af say JoAnn's if there is no AC Moore in town. Perhaps someone else will chime in here with more info!?

M-C said...

Oh by the way Michaels is being very generous giving out 40% off coupons at the store. I used one and got one yesterday and used the one they gave me yesterday today and got another one!